Nothing will ever mentally prepare you for the utterly disturbing moment when a user takes you in private just to make you sniff your butthole. To be honest, the main reason why most people tap on a cam girl’s chat room instead of a porn website is because they can ask for special requests, customised for their perfect fapping experience. But while some cam girl requests sound hot and steamy, others sound like the type of things you’ll never want to do.

Since the range of human sexuality is unimaginably boundless, that doesn’t stop from weird and awfully freaky requests from popping along the way. The real question is: how do you deal with such requests (besides being in absolute shock for a few good seconds)? 

Know Your Boundaries 

As a cam girl, you are the main character in this live-type adult entertainment industry, which has its ups and downs. With every show you pull off and every private you take, you get the chance to explore where your unknown kinks start… and where they stop. Due to the nature of your career, you might discover you have a slight thing for feet and that you don’t hate anything more than deepthroating. 

But know when too much is too much. They say that nothing good ever comes out of your comfort zone, but this just might be the exception. If you feel like there is no way you will enjoy fulfilling a specific fantasy, politely refuse. There is no reason for accepting a private life if you will completely despise every second of it. 


Some cam girl requests might surprise you pleasantly, expanding your horizons in ways you never imagined. Others, well, they might just make you wish you had a map that said, “Here be dragons.”

No kink-shaming!

We can all agree that judging someone on the basis of their weird fantasies is not the best thing to do (even though it implies you filling a jar with your body fluids and emailing it to him). In the spirit of brevity and novelty (and thanks to the anonymity cam websites provide), most users are going to speak their mind – literally. You never know someone’s darkest fantasy until they type it on a live streaming site, under a fake nickname. 


Small penis shaming, farting into the camera and balancing high heeled shoes on your head are just three examples of how vast and complex sexuality is. Your main role is to make the regular feel super comfortable – basically make him think that his fetish is nothing weird, but something completely normal.

Cam Girl Requests Are Not Bad… or Are They?

Your job as a cam girl should be anything but dreadful, so it’s up to you to make it an interesting journey that you discover everyday. Take this as a chance to discover yourself from a sexual point of view, see what you like and what you don’t. Buckle up and enjoy the ride – but remember, always feel comfortable with whatever you are doing.