You may know or not, but most of the webcam sites have their referral program. Is this something that you use? Is this something that can get you more money? Why would you even care about such a thing, you may ask? Don’t worry, because all these questions and even more will be answered in today’s article about all things related to Camming Affiliate Programs.

First, we have to talk a little bit about referral programs so you can understand what they are. By definition, a referral program is simply a process in which you prime and reward customers for spreading the word about your product or service. And as this goes, every camming platform has a referral program one way or another.

As I said in the beginning, most of the webcam sites have their referral program. Each model receives a special link, which she can promote to get something back from converting guests into fully paying members. Granted, there’s no guaranteed income. But when done right, affiliate marketing can be more profitable for affiliates than other forms of internet monetization.

There are three main types of commission structures: Revshare, “Pay Per Signup” and “Pay Per Lead”. Different affiliate programs offer different combinations of these programs, but the most common one you will find throughout different camming sites will be the Revshare structure. In the following paragraphs, we will define what the three different programs are and you’ll see how you can benefit from each of them.

A “Revenue Sharing Program” (Revshare) is where the affiliate gets a percentage of the earnings. This might be a share of a single sale or a share of the total spending from a referral. In camming, a revshare of total spending is more popular. This might be duration-based (a percentage of spending for 1-year or different duration) or more commonly, a lifetime revshare.
Lifetime revshare programs are generally the most profitable type of program to promote. Especially long-term. This is because the customers and their spending start to compound on top of each other, creating a good steady stream of income.

Pay Per Signup” (PPS) is where the affiliate gets a commission for each referral. In order to get the commission, usually, the new referral needs to make their first purchase, or reach an earning threshold. Once that action or goal has been met, the commission will be paid.

“Pay Per Lead” (PPL) is where the affiliate gets paid per each free signup they refer to the network. A PPL is usually a couple of dollars (USD). PPLs can seem attractive because you get money on everyone, regardless of whether they make a purchase or not. But you should be careful about PPLs. If your traffic is just signing up but not purchasing, you might get kicked out of the program. If they are converting then revshare would be a much better route to go.

Wondering how much money can this bring you as a camming model? Well, the earning potential is incredible. That being said, not all affiliates are going to be successful. Because affiliate marketing is performance-based, there’s no guaranteed income. If you’re not able to refer new customers to a network, you’ll never make money as an affiliate.

Now that you know what these things are, you can start making more money by introducing your guests to, you guessed it, your referral link. Have a good one.