We live in the 21st century and dirty talk has become more common than it was before as we are more connected than ever. Sexting is also an art that can boost the trust level between two people, along with the spicy side that lets you connect with your partner on a whole other level.

The basics

Before you hop into the bed there are a few ways to entice your partner and one of them is through your messages. Foreplay starts long before you reach the bedroom anyway, and sexting is a great way to let your partner know that you’re thinking of them and also, that you desire them so badly.

Sexting isn’t all about pictures and videos, and it can be so much more if you put your mind to it. Think pictures, porn clips, voice notes, erotica, etc. Or, you can give your partner positive affirmations or talk about a new toy you’re about to take for a spin and let him imagine what he would like to do to you with it.

Dirty talk is also about teasing, about creating a fantasy rather that the ultimate orgasm. It is fun to enjoy yourself with the other person after a long session of sexting, but if you’re far away, you need to enjoy it just for the fun of it.

Some tips and tricks to get you going:

There are 5 steps to Dirty Talk
Building anticipation, being in the moment, taking requests, giving out recognition and the afterward part. All of these are important as they keep your audience engaged and into the story that you are proposing to them.

Consent and respect are key when it comes to Dirty Talk
Given that we talk about online or in person, consent is important when you engage into a dirty talk scenario, and that’s easy to do, like in this example: “I’ve had a really sexy dream about you last night. Can I tell you what you did to me in my dream?”

Ask about their fantasies, and get to know what turns them on so badly.
Take things slow and get inspired by their thoughts so you can make them horny and drawn to your magnetic energy, describe what you’re wearing and how you would take it off for him and tease him hard.

Read steamy erotic books.
Yes, you’ve read that right. Books, especially erotic ones can help you get into sexting a lot easier than you think. People read steamy books all the time and why? Because it strikes their imagination, it makes them wonder and visualize the words that are written on paper exactly how they want. And this can help you too, because you can see new scenarios, new lines that you can use and these will help you become better at Dirty Talk.

In the end you need to feel comfortable with yourself and your partner when you’re doing dirty talk. You have the information, now all you have to do is go and do it.