There are different taboos and stereotypes about beauty and what it means to be a beautiful woman. It’s important that when you feel like getting into the industry don’t rush into your body. Love and respect what your body likes as it is. 

Perfect body prototypes have damaged the perception of how a body can look, especially if you want to dedicate yourself to an industry where your body is your working tool. So read this article and discover that it doesn’t matter how you look to succeed in the live cam industry. 

In this article we will talk specifically about hair. These can be in the legs, armpits or intimate areas. Can this frighten users away?

Hair on the armpits

After the TV commercials and movies that sold the idea that a woman to look perfect must be waxed, the idea of not waxing began to look bad. 

During puberty, we were taught that underarm hair means you have no hygiene or you’re not a woman. That’s why many girls conflict when they want to enter the industry, but they don’t want to wax. Is there a problem? 

No, have you seen the new trends? Thanks to the new movements and new artists we can fashion the underarm hairs. Do you dare?

Hair in the intimate areas

The ideals of beauty are ever crumbling. The hairs on the vagina enchant on webcam modeling platforms. Hair has become a fetish for many people who want to see something different. Especially those women who have fun and create designs with the hairs of their vagina. 

Older men have a fascination for seeing young women who don’t shave, so there are users for everyone in the industry. Don’t suppress your desire to be a woman because of what your body looks like. 

It is important to remember that even if you want to leave your hair it is important that you maintain good hygiene and aesthetics so as not to bother your transmission or your daily routine.

The hair and the hygiene 

There is nothing wrong with the hairs, on the contrary, these hairs are responsible for protecting these sensitive areas. In addition, they take care of possible bacteria that could affect these areas and cause odor.