Being a mistress is no easy job, but it’s definetly an interesting one. We decided to start a series ,, Ex-mistress confessions”, for the curious minds, so don’t forget to comment below if you need information from our secret source 😉 We will change her name for privacy, so, let’s call her Missy.

So, Missy, we decided to start this series for information, but also for the fun parts of mistressing. Let’s start with your funniest story, we’ll take it easy

I don’t know if this is supposed to be an easy one, but it’s definetly my favourite story ever.

So, I was with one of my members, a sissy slave, we were having a session( ,, sissy slave” is a submissive man who likes dressing up as a woman, or wearing make-up,etc.). His wife just left for work, so he was feeling safe, of course she didn’t know about me. He became a regular because he was ashamed to admit to his wife he actually liked penetration. His toy was hidden under the bathtub, so he just took it, put it on the toilet and the session started. After, he decided to put his toy on the bathtub’s rim.

And it happened. His wife enters the bathroom like a storm.

Oh my god, and did you stop the private?

Of course I didn’t. I’m a traitor, but I just wanted to watch this scene. So,  she starts yelling like 100 words per minute, and throws her huge bag at him. Remember, his toy was in, on the rim of the bathtub, so the man falls IN THE TUB.

She looks at him, terribly angry, then she finally sees me. I knew it was gonna be a refund, so I just told her: ,, Don’t forget to take his toy out, it’s huge.”

And the private ends.

Did he ever come back?

He actually did. And this is my favourite part of the story. He did not return alone, ladies and gentleman, and to this day I admire his wife for this.

They discussed about this, and she realised he didn’t need another woman to satisfy him, he just was too ashamed to admit he liked penetration. So, we had a 3 hour long  private, talking about the psychological limitations of this fetish, I told her about the male G spot and where it’s located. Then, they started having lots of privates with me, so I could explain to her what she should do. I started reccommending toys so they could be both satysfied, and we continued a really healthy relationship since.

This is how you save a relationship by mistake. We were so inspired by this story, and it just shows that if you’re open enough, your relationship can have a million sides, you can explore and improve your sexual life anytime, even if your’re married, even if you need an external help, like our incredible Missy. We’re so excited to start this series with her, so stay tuned for Missy’s next incredible sory!