Similar to a MTV’s 16&Pregnant scenario, camming while pregnant is a rollercoaster of emotions where you won’t get bored for a second. Why not take those 9 months to dive into this money making niche?

Besides peeing every 10 minutes, craving everything that is eatable at 3 AM and not being able to tie your shoes towards the end of it, pregnancy is a full-on femme fatale moment. If you raised your brows reading that statement, go google Demi Moore’s Vanity Fair cover from 1991. Within seconds, you will witness an emblematic moment for anyone and everyone, when a very pregnant Demi Moore stopped the world with her very pregnant belly – as iconic as a Sex and The City moment. 

camming while pregnant

Camming while pregnant – why should you do it?

Besides empowering preggos from all over the globe, this pushed the perspective on what it means (and feels) to be about to deliver. From the dewy, glowy skin to the ever-changing curves of your body, you emanate sex appeal like a snowdrop does with the zesty spring smell. Might sound over the top, but why not take this opportunity to plunge into the “pregnancy niche” that has been blasting on multiple camming platforms?

While most camming models take these 9 months off to relax before they will be woken in the middle of the night on a daily basis by a baby, others prefer to continue their hustle. That happens mainly because a) they enjoy it that much or b) they want to take advantage of a niche where members tip handsomely – a smaller niche might mean fewer members, but more (and bigger) tips. By the way, did you know that pregancy hormones and the increased sensitivity in your pelvic region make orgasms more intense? That could also be a motivation to continue camming. 

Self-care is your religion

We already know the question that is messing up with your head after reading this. Is it safe to cam when you are a mom-to-be? Both general practitioners and gynaecologists give you the green light – but this also means that you have to give extra care and attention to your lady parts. While pregnant, your body is going through a lot of changes and most of them have swelling at their core. 

Yes, the swelling phase is not going to skip your private areas no matter how much you pray for it every night. If you feel uncomfortable for one too many reasons, do not exhaust yourself and cross the comfy boundaries. Take a break and apply what is going to be your best friends through thick and thin during swelling – cold packs. Also, try and stand up as much as your stamina allows you to in order to keep your blood flowing and kick those pretty feet whenever possible. 

camming while pregnant

Negativity is a no-no

You should expect comments such as “Congratulations!”; “Is it a boy or a girl?” or generally positive things people say when they see a beautiful pregnant woman flooding your chatroom. But not everyone is nice. Some people wake up in the morning and choose negativity. This can include negative comments, general disapproval of choose to live your life or repeatedly asking you to do things you are not fully comfortable with. 

This type of negativity should be avoided at all times, but especially when you are pregnant (remember that your hormones are going to mess up with your emotional state 10 times harder than a period does). Never feel obligated to respond to such behaviour – you are a goddess who doesn’t respect the rules and demands of anybody else but herself. Don’t be afraid to kick, ban, silence, etc. 

…and don’t forget to have fun!

Take the time to enjoy this unique period of your life – not to mention the overwhelming attention your baby bump is going to get. You might only get pregnant once, so don’t dwell too much into your workaholic trait. Take a step back, breathe and savor this one-of-a-kind moment. Pregnancy can get really exhausting at times – so exhausting that you will sometimes wake up from your 9-hour sleep just to take another siesta. Rest as often as you need to, fill up your body with vitamins and nutrients – don’t forget that right now, you are living, eating, breathing and sleeping for two.