You’ve been a camgirl for a while, you have some experience and you’re making that money. That’s good and I have to congratulate you on this! Props to you for making it through the tough starting period. In all this time you’ve heard your members talking about camming interactive toys, about how they want to take control over your little toys, or even make you orgasm with their tips. But you don’t know what those interactive toys are, how they work or where to find them. Well, wait no more, this article is here to clear all the confusion up. Let’s dig in.

All these devices have a term, Teledildonics. Yes, it sounds a little tricky, but give me a moment to explain. Teledildonics is, in a nutshell, technology for remote sex — or, at least, remote masturbation. Wirelessly synched sex toys “speak” with one or more users, communicating tactile sensations via data links between participants. Some are elaborate, two-part contraptions, but there are also other smaller elements that are less about mutual physical sensation and more about power and control — like power and control over another person’s pleasure.

How can camming interactive toys help you?

These devices open up a new world of possibilities when it comes to camming, and will give you a new income stream and will give your members a new way in which they can interact with you, making the shows more pleasurable for them (and definitely for you too).

You might wonder how will your members react, or if the investment in one of these devices will pay off, but trust me when I say this: This is an investment you will never regret. I’ve known models that made back the price of the toy in the first hour of camming with it. So from experience, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to purchasing a new interactive toy for your camming room.

In terms of pleasure, we have mixed opinions, with some models saying that feels really good and some models saying that it feels meh, not really what they would enjoy that much. So in order to know it’s the thing for you, you have to give it a try on your own. Personally, I like the feeling, but mostly it depends on how your members control it, so you have to train them to your liking.

Now that you know what interactive toys are, you have to know that this is something you need to experience before dismissing it forever. So don’t be shy and do a little research on what and how you can use it in your next show. Until next time.