We’ve talked about interactive toys in a previous article and you know what are the benefits of using one in your shows or in your camming session. Today we’ll expand on that and talk about the best interactive sex toys you can use, what features they have and the benefits you will have by integrating them inside your room.

Let’s admit it, we’re living in the future. We might not have flying cars or hoverboards yet, but we’re pretty damn close with our home assistants, drone pizza deliveries, and facial recognition vending machines. So it makes perfect sense that our toys should also be technologically savvy. I’m talking about interactive sex toys or Teledildonics as mentioned in the previous article.

The initial idea for these sorts of products was to allow people in long-distance relationships to be able to transmit their movements to each other through two compatible toys. However, the tech has since evolved from just that, and these days toys that are compatible with phone applications for long-distance use have become quite common.

One proven addition to your cam show which will ultimately lead to higher earnings is the use of sex toys that the viewer can “control” by sending tips (money) to you. One thing you have to know is that you can set your toys to react with bigger and stronger vibrations as well as increase or decrease the time of action depending on how big of a tip your viewers pay. Basically, the more they spend, the more they will get to see.

What are the best interactive sex toys out there?

The industry standard and one you clearly don’t want to miss is the Lush by Lovense. It is the most popular toy for camming. From Lush 1 to Lush 2 or 3, the toy evolved to connect the members to the camgirls, providing the perfect environment in which the tips will be exchanged for vibrations that will bring you to orgasm (or not if it’s just a light tip). The toy has 2 parts, and it’s meant for vaginal use. The large end of the toy is the insertable part and the tall end is the antenna that stays out.

Another important addition to your camming arsenal is the Nora from Lovense, a rabbit vibrator that allows you to not only stimulate your clitoris, but also your G-spot at the same time. Same as the Lush, Nora works on tip-based vibrations. This function is quite unique and enables you to get different vibes from different amounts of tips you can set up through the Lovense camming app. It can connect to a phone, tablet, and PC/MAC.

I also have one thing for the people that like to use toys on “the back door”. It’s the Hush from Lovense, a teledildonic, a vibrating butt plug that can be the perfect toy if you’d rather perform anal play during your camming session. It has a silicone exterior, making for enough give so there’s no feeling of forcing anything, while the entire unit itself is firm in order to keep things moving and comfortable at the same time. This comes in 2 sizes for girth, one at 3.8 cm and one at 4.5 cm, but the length is the same for both, sitting at 10 cm.

Now that you know what are the best interactive sex toys you can incorporate in your camming shows, it’s your turn to try them, make your opinion about them, and profit over the new wave of members that want to “play” with you on a more intimate level than before.