Therapy is the one thing these days that you can do for yourself only. In a world so full of worries, lack of motivation and obligations, we must find a way to cope, in a healthy way, with our problems.

Why is therapy a camgirl’s best friend? Because therapy is actually a human’s best friend. That is actually the place where you learn to befriend yourself, because you get the chance to really know yourself. So let’s talk about it and set our expectations straight.

Why therapy?

There are lots of  misconceptions about therapy. You imagine yourself going there and recieving judgemental opinions,  endless questions or suggestions about your toxic habits.

In fact, what your therapist wants you to know is that :

  • You are never ,,too much”
  • Nothing is embarassing, they’ve heard it all
  • They won’t ever talk about you, not even with their families ( What happens in therapy stays in therapy! )
  • The answer will not be found by your therapist, but within you, with his/her help


 Your first session is going to be so full of thoughts and fears, and that shouldn’t be the case. A therapist is not a doctor, so instead of that cold, impersonal manner, you’ll get an aesthetically pleasing safe space, and a warm person that genuinely cares about you. There are a few things that you might want to consider before deciding if you want to continue:

1. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. 

This is the place where you can share your  personal opinions, even if they seem offensive or inappropriate. It’s the place where information will just flow out of you, so let yourself go. Be free, it’s you who’s going to win.

2. Lower your expectations for ,,quick fixes”

Just think about it: you are such a complex entity, and even Rome wasn’t built in one day. Observe your progress and be kind to yourself. The only thing that you need is to trust the process. Change takes time.

3. Set your goals

Seeing your goals on a piece of paper is enlightening. This gives you direction, and motivation. Even if those goals are something big ( too big for your situation, or self-esteem right now ),  just write them. No matter how big or small your goals are, they are perfectly valid and achievable.

Considering all these, you should really think about getting in touch with yourself. This will improve all of the aspects in your life. We’ll be waiting for your comments below if you want to know more 🙂