Pregnant women have always been considered hot! You may not always feel that way, but let`s remember how Demi Moore stopped the world with her Vanity Fair cover in 1991. You radiate sex appeal from the beautiful glow of your skin, to the new curves of your body. That`s why it doesn’t come as a surprise at all that the pregnancy niche is exploding on cam stages all around the world. And keeping in mind that tackling your work as a cam girl while being pregnant can be difficult or a bit weird, it`s also fun! You just have to keep an open mind about this new experience and embrace it as it is.  
There are many advantages to camming while being pregnant, besides the additional pay. Your chemicals make climaxes more extreme. This way, the increased sensitivity and pressure in your pelvic region make it easier to squirt. In any case, never lose sight of your self-care process and make it your priority. Here are some camming tips that models should focus on while being pregnant!  

Clean your toys regularly 

Before you decide to show up on cam while pregnant, first make sure you have a talk with your doctor. Ask him where should you draw the line in regards to your line of work, and if there are any toys that he would advise you not to use. Please keep in mind the fact that now, more than ever, you need to that sterilize your tools. Make sure you do that after every shift with mild soap and warm water and dry them with a clean towel. Afterward, you can keep them in their special case, or in a silky type of material. This way, you will make sure they are safe from any kind of germs or bacteria. 

Take care of your private parts 

As I mentioned earlier, is totally fine to perform while being pregnant, as long as your doctor tells you so. But if you decide to do this, don’t forget that your body is going through a process of continuous changes. One of the things you will probably experience will be the swelling of your private parts. They will be more common during and after a shift, but there is absolutely no need to worry. If you feel uncomfortable, apply cold packs as soon as you can, in order to bring the swelling down. Another tip is to stand up periodically and this will keep your blood flowing. 

Pamper yourself at your favorite salon 

Given the fact that you have an ever-growing belly, it can make things extremely difficult when it comes to taking care of your lower body. This is why getting waxed down there or getting a good pedicure can get increasingly harder. Instead of struggling with all of these, make a reservation to a salon and go ahead and pamper yourself- you deserve it! And while you`re at it, you could also go for a foot or leg massage. This will feel like absolute magic for your swollen legs and feet!  

Set up your limits and have fun! 

People have a lot of questions regarding pregnant women. They will have even more so considering the fact that you are a pregnant camgirl. Make sure you are comfortable with that before anything. It`s ok for your members to be curious, but establish your lines and don’t let them cross them.  Enjoy the additional attention that your delightful bump is getting, and the extra tips that your members will spoil you with! If you really love this new you, then you can also integrate pregnancy cosplay and fetishes into your performance. All in all, the most important thing you can do during this exciting time in your life is to have fun!