As a cam model, the best way to maintain a good member base is to provide some unforgettable shows. To stand out and develop regulars, you want to make sure you are sexy, fun and engaging. One way to do that is having the right props. Sex toys are a fun way to spice up your show, and it is good to have a nice selection of your favourites for adding an extra layer to your shows. Let’s see what are your best first choices.

1.Interactive toys


As many of you know, most of the sites offer members the possibility to use interactive toys. Lovense’s Lush is a good starter, because it’s really popular, it’s accepted on most of the platforms and is guaranteed to make you a lot of money. Extra: you can use it with your partner, too, he/she can control it from the phone app.



You don’t have to neccessarily buy them for masturbation, foot/blow/boobjobs are good ingredients to add in your show. The realistic-looking ones are the most popular, but it is a variety of colours, prices and sizes you can choose from.

Whatever toy you decide to get, make sure that if it’s used for insertion, it’s high quality. You can find and successfully use a cheap vibrator, but don’t skimp on anything you put inside. It’s important to get high grade silicone, glass, or metal toys. Usually, the silicone ones are the most comfortable, you can bend them, use them for a longer period of time, and look really realistic.


3.Butt plugs

For the braver ones, a really nice looking extra toy would be a butt plug. A little action in that area is quite popular with the members. 

Remember to buy toys that are made with body-safe materials, like silicone or stainless steel. If you’re a beginner, start with a small size, and use some lube. Lube is key for safe and pleasant butt plug wear.

For something non-intimidating and pretty to look at , jewel butt plugs are the way to go! They’re made of stainless steel and have beautiful ,,gems” at the base that look gorgeous on cam and in photos. 

Fox tail butt plugs are also a popular choice that will make an impression. They’re playful, really sexy, and go well with those cat ears.



A nice looking accessory, for yourself, or even for your room, is a nice BDSM kit. Your members will definetly be pleased with these kind of aesthetics. Whether you like feeling controlled, being in control or even both at a given situation or mood, chances are you may find one or more toys from the BDSM world that will improve your shows.

These must-haves will definetly change your online experience. Ask us in the comments if you want to know more!