If you go on any live streaming platform and take your time to scroll through the hundreds of chatrooms, you will reach the more-than-obvious conclusion – the room traffic is directly proportional to how engaging the model is. Practically, as a cam model, the digital shelter of your chatroom is the mirror reflection of your vibe. If you are going through a queasy state of mind, that is going to go way further than just making an entrance on your facial expression – the supreme pain in the rear, aka a quiet chatroom is going to enter the group.

Viewers won’t chat and tips won’t flood the room, leaving an undeniable mark on your morale and self-confidence. In this context, your chat is going to be somehow similar to a graveyard at midnight (yes, both nomadic and spooky) while your earnings are going to be as tragic as The Great Gatsby’s ending. Handling quiet chatrooms can yield great pressure, especially when you are camming, trying to drink 2L of water every day, keeping up with your favourite Netflix shows and responding to your friends’ texts in less than 24 hours. 

While there is no quick fix or magic sorcery that is going to 100% cure the stillness of your room, there definitely are some tips and tricks that could have healing superpowers. Buckle up, lift up your mood, work the camera and in no time, the quiet room issue is going to become sepia history. 

quiet chatroom

Fake it until you make it

No, no, I am not – necessarily – talking about orgasms here. One of the hardest things about the cam girl hustle is that you have to pull up a smile and happy face in spite of how you really feel on the inside. Maybe your boyfriend broke up with you the night before or you lost your dearest friend that day. But those complications and obstacles belong entirely to your personal life. To be a successful entertainer of any sort, your private and personal agenda should have little to no crossover points. Hey, nobody said that being the Madonna version of the camming universe is an easy job. 

If your attitude is going to seem a little bit off, your viewers will feel less inclined to have an active role in your chatroom via tipping or talking. They are only going to do what we hate most – endlessly lurking. Perpetuating and emanating positivity is the main reason why your members are on the site, so just make sure you showcase a lot of that. If you enjoy yourself on cam (whatever form and shape that takes), people are actually going to stick around to cherish your company. 

Thank God for the icebreaker

At the end of the day, we have to realise that members have a relatable side too – they are also human beings in search of love, lust or a cure for their loneliness. That also means that they can easily get shy, anxious and too self-conscious to initiate a conversation. Memento: you should be the one sparking up the discussion with a little bit of small talk. We are all good at that, aren’t we? However, don’t ask trivial and meaningless questions that don’t generate any sort of valuable information about the member. 

Instead of whining about how shitty the weather has been lately, make his personal likings and life experience the central core of your conversation. That easily translates into “How has your week been?” or “What is the song you can’t stop listening to currently?”. Small initiatives usually lead to big changes. Consequently, you will notice that your members are going to be more vocal the next time they tap on your chatroom.

quiet chatroom

A quiet chatroom is not the end of the world

Playing games while performing, running mini tipping contests, taking your time to get to know your members – there is a plethora of options to choose from, but be prepared for them to not work sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that you need to angringly vent to a non-tipping crowd – never, never to that. Wake up in the morning and choose to do meaningful things to show viewers that you appreciate their presence will turn a passive room into an active one. Viewers know that you are broadcasting for profit, but it is important that they don’t think you are only speaking to them through tips. This will not only help raise your earnings, but you will find yourself really enjoying and living your cam experience to the fullest.