If we are lucky enough, we get to know from the get-go where we stand when it comes to sexual attraction – be it queer, bisexual or straight. But for some of us, it can take a number of years to put all the pieces together of the hefty and obscure puzzle called “sexuality”. And demisexuality, a grey area between asexuality and a Samantha from Sex and The City sex drive, is no exception of this expansive spectrum. So, when two different universes merge into each other and a demisexual bashfully joins the camming world, the scene seems a bit counterintuitive – but that doesn’t stop camming as a demisexual from being an enlightening adventure that generates top dollar revenues.

First things first – demisexuality is no a sexual dysfunction, nor a massive lack of hormones. Individuals who identify themselves as being demisexual do not experience sexual desire unless an emotional bond is formed. So, if in high school you rather masturbated thinking about your teenage crush, rather than a steaming hot A list celebrity, you most probably put emotional connections above the “Hey I just met you, but I really want to have sex with you” impulsiveness. If you are a romantic at heart but have never been the “lock eyes in the bar with a stranger” kind of mainstream romance, here are 7 signs you might be demisexual.


camming as a demisexual

Even the fact that you ventured into the camming universe rather than joining the porn industry and having sex with a guy whose scene name is “Big Dale” while being watched by a handful of people might be an indicator that sex sparks and emotional bonds come as a package. When hearing this, some individuals who are acquainted with the enigmatic camming industry might question if there is a place for you in this adult entertainment sector. But there is – you don’t meet demisexuals at every corner of the street, so breathe in, breathe out and remember that you are outrageously unique. You can be an untapped market. But how do you navigate this unknown territory as a demi, where sexual interaction is a the top of the hierarchy? 

Don’t except the butterflies in the stomach feeling

Some cam members are always seeking that trustworthy companion they can share their deepest fears and happiest moments with. But that for sure doesn’t mean they are the only ones populating the camming world. Get accustomed to your chat periodically getting bombarded with “show ass bb” and “you’re so hot” that will make you roll your eyes, rather than chuckle appreciatively. In all fairness, there will also be times when a member is going to take you to cam2cam private just to show you his cock.

 Does he have great abs? Neat. The chiselled jaw looks hot? Okay, whatever. We already know that for you, sexual attraction comes from what is behind the eyes looking back at you – only after that, those physical features catch your eye. But fake it till you make it. What seems to be a “one-time-member” can immediately shift to a regular user, who is going to visit your chatroom on a daily basis – naturally, soon enough you are going to know him inside out. That is when the sparks can genuinely start flying. 

camming as a demisexual

Premium websites fit you like a glove 

Both premium and freemium websites have exponentially transformed into juggernauts for both camming studios and amateur entrants. Amidst this feeding frenzy, it is all about personal preference. For you specifically, who can’t achieve the “Niagara Falls” type of wet unless you feel connected to a person, you should jump on the premium bandwagon. Working on websites such as Streammate and LiveJasmin gives you the opportunity of entertaining your room in free chat, without getting naked or engaging in any type of sexual activity. The ultimate goal is to take a member in private chat, where he is charged for having an exclusive chat with you. 

The gold rule is to make members get attached to you – because this way, they will start a private chat with you to get your full-on attention, rather than seeing your labia. At the end of the day, it is more about you than about them. This is your show, not theirs. As a cam girl, you have the power of unforgettably seducing and entertaining. Making people happy. Getting to know them inside and out. And ultimately, listening to their problems, making them feel utterly special and wanted. As you can tell already, camming can have an emotional side, too. 

Camming as a demisexual is not about them, but about you 

Achiving financial freedom through entertaining your digital audience should be your main focus – but beware, not the only one. Consider this experience as discovering more about you and the world you live in – from how to interact with different people to getting to know social typologies you never thought existed. Camming is about your members too, but is mostly about you. Demi, straight or queer, you are still you. That matters the most. So just make sure that whatever you do, it makes you happy and your are comfortable with it.