We all like orgasms, we all love to receive pleasure and in the euphoria that we feel when we finish pleasuring ourselves we might be tempted to not pay that much attention to what happens with the little (or big) toys that we use in order to do that.
There are a few steps that we have to take in order to enjoy ourselves and have that peace of mind at the end of the day. Have no worries, we’ll get through everything step by step.

First and foremost: Get to know your toys

I know this is common knowledge, but I also know that most of us skip the “instructions” manual when we get something and we try to figure out how to operate the “thing” on our own. We might get the “how to use” part right most of the times, but it’s a different thing when we have to clean something “the right way”.
So go on and read the manual that comes with the toy that you have, I know it’s forgotten somewhere inside the box it came with. Those things were made with a purpose, so don’t overlook what the manufacturer wrote in there.

Different materials, different ways of cleaning them.

As we are human and have different tastes in many things, this also apply to our toys. Some may like silicone, some may like glass, some may like that cold feel that stainless steel gives, some may like that their toy vibrates or has some pores. Whatever it is, get to know from what it’s made, because this determines how it will be cleaned and how thorough you have to be after you climax and before.

Non porous toys – Your best friends if you don’t want extra steps

Here we have the glass, stainless steel, hard plastic and silicone toys. If they’re electrical, remove any batteries before cleaning them, and NEVER submerge electrical components in water. The basic care for these ones are cleaning them with soap and warm water.
If they’re not electrical you have some other options that work very well, among those are boiling them, a bleach-water solution for 10 minutes or even putting them in the dishwasher. Never boil the hard plastic ones, unless you want a goopy mess and no toy left at the end of the process. Just clean them with anti-bacterial soap and water.

Porous toys – Something that needs a little more attention

These might be a pain to clean but, if you want them, you should at least know how to clean them. Here we have rubber materials, cyberskin and vinyl, nylon or leather, whichever one you fancy.
For rubber materials I would recommend that you use a condom as they are very difficult to clean, because bacteria can build up in those pores and that’s not a party you want to go to. For cyberskin and vinyl only use warm water while you delicately wash them, and after you air dry them you can powder them with a small amount of cornstarch so that they don’t become sticky.
Nylon toys or harnesses can be washed by hand with a mild anti-bacterial soap or you can even machine wash them, just read the manual first. For leather the process is a little more tricky if you want to keep them for a long time, and it goes like this. Wipe them with a damp cloth or leather cleaner, but don’t soak them, and after you’re done with this, I would recommend using a leather conditioner.

As an ending note, always look for medical grade materials when you’re buying your toys, and clean them before and after every use in order to stay safe and don’t catch anything, ’cause that will totally ruin all your pleasure.