You will be surprised what impact Social Media can have on your life as a model. Think of yourself as a brand, but also as an influencer in order to boost your online presence.

You are at the beginning with everything that means promoting yourself as a brand on social media, you know that you can attract potential members on Instagram and Twitter, but you find yourself in the situation that the pictures you put are not very successful? Understanding how platforms work plays an important role. Have you ever wondered why you see supermodels with only a few likes and people not known at all with an enormous number of likes?

Quality and quantity

boost your online presence

First of all, any platform wants its members to spend a lot of time on their app. To do this, they want the content to provide a good quality, so all the members enoy staying there. So, as a first advice, try to have everyday better and better content. Also, for social media success to see its financial results, your posts must be realistic. Think about what you like, how you like to post, what music you like to listen to – your feed must be your mirror, as it is on social media, so you must be in front of members.

Avoid posts that do not represent you, but that you put on the filling, for you it is a simple post, but those who are looking for your profile always have expectations.

Use the basics

We know you’re going to tell us that none of your friends uses hashtags and their fashion went somewhere around 2015, however, you have to think of yourself as a brand, your goal is to attract as many members to your room as possible. Think of hashtags as keywords, imagine what are your member’s possible internet searches. However, avoid using hashtags with too much sexual connotation, you are still on a normal site.

Most likely you are more familiar with “locations”, we all like the world to know the places we walk or go out. However, there is something more special. You have to see Instagram locations just like a tool. “Where could my members be from?” Probably the members told you what country they are from, use those locations on Instagram to attract more people from that area. However, also consider using locations where you know that living is very good.

Engage the followers

boost your online presence

Try not to limit yourself to a simple emoji when we talk about a caption. We know that sometimes “less is more”, but don’t make it a habit. Can you put anything like a description, did you see a quote that you liked?

Have you thought of anything funny? Want to share an opinion? Anything can help you imprint yourself in the minds of members. By doing this, you have all the chances to have an image on social media just as you are built like a model.

Try as much as possible to ask the opinion of the members, to put stories with surveys, barometers or questions. They will feel closer to you when they see that they are being asked opinions (this is how we function as people, we like validation).

Be constant on Social Media, post at least once every two days and be up to date with everything that happens on your profile. Reply to comments and messages, but don’t forget about redirecting members to your room.