Ever wondered how to make more money in this industry and wanted to know more about streaming on more than just the website you started on? You might not be the only one, and for most models, this is a question that pops up after a while if success wasn’t as instant as they initially thought.

Every webcam site offers a unique environment to work in and it’s important you find one that suits your personality. On one site you might have success because you’re alluringly cute, on others you might need to know how to sell yourself in front of your members, or at least be willing to learn how to do it. Once you have a base site to work from, you can opt into working on other webcam sites at the same time to bring in more money. But is this really what you want or even need?

First, you need to spend some time on your main website in order to get the basics, understand the things that you have to do as a model, and perfect your craft. If you are a beginner and you want to start streaming on three, four, or even five sites at one time (trust me, I’ve heard some stories), you may feel overwhelmed and confused about everything you have to do.

Even so, if you don’t get confused, you’ll most likely spend most of your attention on one site leaving the others to run in the background on cruise control. And you might lose more than you gain by doing this when you’re unprepared or when you don’t know how to multitask properly, so try to avoid this mishap at the beginning of your career.

For some models having multiple chat programs open simultaneously is the best way to get as many shows into their online time as possible. Many models run 1-3 sites at the same time to earn faster. This method is based on the principle that on some days the traffic might be slow on one site and the others will balance the income that you make throughout the day.

While it’s nice to think of monetizing your time this way, be aware that many sites prohibit their models from working with other sites. Check the ToS (Term of Services) agreement with each site. Some ToS agreements don’t allow you to use other sites so to stop having your account closed with them, you may need to be careful and either only use them or not use them during your multiple-site sessions.

If you decide to go on this route, to have more than one site open at a time, make sure you’re organized before each cam session so you don’t get flustered, and remember your priority should be on paying customers rather than the free customers and you will learn over time that many free-goers are there to see what they can get from you for free (not all, but many).