The easiest way to get into a man’s mind is to make him fall in love with you. Sounds easy, but how do we do that? You have often thought while talking to your members that if you make them fall in love with you, they will be faithful to you. Here are some tips:

Body language

We hear this more and more often, and rightly so, body language is the most used language on the entire planet. This way we can see exactly what intentions the person we are talking to has. How can we apply this to ourselves? Mime certain gestures through which members understand that you fall in love with them. Play with jewellery or hair while talking to them, brag, speak softly at a slow pace or keep your head slightly tilted.

Most importantly, keep your eyes on the camera. There are small signs, you probably don’t even realize them. What is important is that from the other person’s perspective it seems that you are in love!


Create the habit! You may not realize what power you have over your members. Make them think they should always talk to you. How do you do that? Through repetition. If you really want to achieve success, you need a lot of perseverance. Talk to members in your spare time. Show them what your normal life is like. Send them pictures and show them what you eat, where you drink your coffee, how the traffic is.

Everything must be exactly like in a normal relationship. Think about what you would share daily with your boyfriend, so it should be with the members. You will see that in time they will become so accustomed to talking to you that they will rarely be absent from your room.

Encourage them to talk

We always feel important when someone asks us what we like, what we did that day, or just what we think about certain things. Always ask your members questions. Ask them for their opinion and even implement it. It doesn’t have to be for big things. You can also ask what kind of lingerie you should wear, letting them choose between two options that you already have. Ask what passions they have, what they like to do, just like in a normal relationship.

The secret is that everything is close to reality. Behave the way you want someone to behave with you.