We are in the middle of summer and we love nothing more than to show off a healthy and radiant skin. Many girls want to have a glowing tanned skin, but, tanning is an art, getting a beautiful golden color is not so easy. So, if you want to stand out and be the envy of everyone, here are some tips you can apply to get the best tan.

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1. Prepare your skin for sun exposure: To achieve a perfect tan it is super important to exfoliate your skin before. Nothing is better than a gentle circular massage.

2. Eat certain foods that will help you get a better color. Incorporate antioxidants to your regular diet. It is essential that you eat foods rich in beta-carotene, such as carrots and tomatoes, and alpha-carotene, such as corn, broccoli and kiwi. In this way you will improve the pigmentation of the skin.

3. Always take care of your skin. Don’t forget this, no matter how much you want to show off that beautiful golden color, sunscreen is super important to avoid future spots and wrinkles on your skin. Moisturize your skin. Use a moisturizing cream, milk or gel after the sun. To make your tan better and last longer, apply a layer of sunscreen so your skin doesn’t get burned and damaged. Look for the right products for you, all skins are different, as opinion people we recommend Dluchi products.

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4. Drinking water is key. Don’t forget, for the summer the most important thing is to always be hydrated and healthy. If you want an enviable skin it is advisable to drink large amounts of water especially in the moments that you are exposed to the sun.

5. Take a bath with warm water: At the end of your tanning session, it is super advisable to take a bath with warm water. This way, you will eliminate the residues of the sunscreen and close the pores.

6. Change position constantly. In addition to counting the minutes under the sun. You should be aware of the exposed parts to avoid having an uneven tan. Change sides every 20 minutes so that your whole body gets a tan. To avoid marks on your swimsuit, choose a strapless swimsuit or one without many straps in the back.

7.Sun exposure should be controlled. Choose hours when the sun is not so strong. Preferably before 10:00 in the morning and after 4:00 in the afternoon. Never sunbathe in the middle of the day as this can permanently ruin your skin and cause sunburn.


Yes, we know that many of these tips you already know but we want to emphasize them so that you are aware that. If you want to get a perfect tan, you must first take into account several important factors. So that you not only boast a golden and luminous skin, but also look healthy and hydrated skin. You know, it’s important to take care of yourself on the outside, but also on the inside!