In the online industry, your cam girl profile is one of the most important things in your career. Your profile needs to be updated regularly with new pictures so that your members won’t get bored of your old ones.

EveThompson, one of the #Girlsfromstudio20 has some amazing pictures on her site and wants to share her ways to look good in pictures.

Eve Thompson 20 ways to look good in pictures

Eve Thompson 20 ways to look good in pictures

  1. Eyes open: If you’re the type of girl that blinks a lot during photos, if you’re having a hard time picking 2 good photos out of 50 because you have your eyes closed or you look like you’re possessed, then here’s a trick for you: Just before the picture is taken, keep your eyes closed and open them slowly right before the camera clicks.
  2. Make sure your makeup is perfect. If you don’t have the curtesy of having a makeup artist on set, do your best to make your makeup look good. Don’t overdo it, go for a natural look, use products that are sweat proof so your face won’t be shiny, and stay away from products with sunscreen in them, otherwise your face will look pale white when you’re taking flash photography.
  3. Grooming. Make sure your hair is brushed, try curling it, that will look sexy and sultry. Also use a shine spray so your hair looks healthy and beautiful. If your natural roots are showing, try getting your hair done before the shoot.
  4. Get your nails done. Nothing is more disturbing than a perfect picture ruined by your nails that you forgot to do. Let’s be honest, we all do that. Try to take care of your body, nails included, before a photoshoot.
  5. No carbonated drinks, those will make you bloated and you won’t feel your best during the photo shoot. And be careful how much you eat, you don’t want that tummy to appear.
EveThompson 20 ways to look good in pictures

EveThompson 20 ways to look good in pictures

  1. Come prepared with everything. One of your nails will break, your lipstick will fade away, your face will get shiny, your hair will get messed up. Just make sure you have everything you need to fix the situation as quickly as possible so you can continue your photo shoot.
  2. Be aware of your pose. Even if you’re skinny or curvy, that double chin will show up if you don’t keep a straight pose and your head high. To avoid that double chin, make your neck long and push your face forward a bit. Don’t hunch your back, try to keep it straight, that will make your boobs look bigger. And be aware of your belly area, even if you’re skinny, those rolls will show up if you don’t stay straight.
  3. Practice in the mirror. To have a better pose and look perfect in your pictures, try posing at home, in the mirror, to see what looks good, what angles are best for you. If you have no idea how to pose, try to do some research, flip a magazine or watch some “America’s next top Model”.
  4. Get some oil action going. When your skin is shiny and looks healthy, your body will look amazing in pictures. So, get your favorite body oil and cover yourself with it.
  5. Get your tan on. A tan body always looks amazing in pictures. If you get the chance, go to the pool for a few days to get that chocolate brown tan. If you don’t have time, you can always use self-tanner, but make sure you apply it evenly, you don’t want weird brown patches all over your skin.
EveThompson20 ways to look good in pictures

EveThompson20 ways to look good in pictures

  1. Always face the light. If you’re doing an outdoor photoshoot, or an indoor one, always face the light, that way the shadows will be behind you, you’ll have a luminous look and you’ll look slimmer.
  2. Be aware of your facial expressions. If you’re going for more of a ‘sexy look’ or just a natural one, get in character. Laugh and smile, try looking away from the camera, “smize” (smiling with your eyes), be fierce, it all shows on your face.
  3. Choose the right outfits. Make sure your outfits fit, you don’t want marks on your body and choose colors that are sexy and they don’t have crazy patterns, that will distract from your photo. Also make sure that your clothes are not wrinkled or bunched up, it can add weight if your clothes are too baggy.
  4. Little extras. Don’t be shy to admit you use a few enhancements to make your breast look amazing in pictures. Grab those “chicken cutlets” and use them if you need to, there’s no shame in that.
  5. Relax and move around. You will never look good in pictures if you are too tense and rigid. You always have to keep moving, change your poses by the second, make your photographer keep up with you, that way you’ll have a lot more pictures to choose from.
Eve Thompson20 ways to look good in pictures

Eve Thompson20 ways to look good in pictures

  1. Use whatever props you can get. If you’re having the photo shoot indoors, use a bed, a chair, use all the space you have, sit next to a wall, grab a pillow, blow some feathers. If you have the shooting outside, use flowers, petals, trees, use your imagination.
  2. Put on some music. Do whatever it takes to get you in the right mood and make you more confident on set. Put on some sexy music and let go of your inhibitions. Your pictures will be amazing if you’re having a great time and the photographer will be more comfortable with you.
  3. If you want a specific theme for your photos or you just saw something that you liked, talk to your photographer. Communication is the key to a successful photo shooting. Exchange ideas, listen to each other, get to know each other and your shooting will be amazing.
  4. Be prepared to stay a while. If you want your pictures to be perfect, you’ll be posing for a while. Don’t rush your photographer, make sure you have all the time you need and you will have better results.
  5. Don’t forget to have fun. Even if you’re tired, if you’re not in the mood, don’t forget that photo shoots need to be fun. Dance on some music, joke with your photographer, ‘make love to the camera’ and just have fun.