It’s the month of February, 2018, and, very soon, Valentine’s Day will be upon us. A special day to celebrate love and sensuality with someone dear to you. A day of hearts, red, gifts, and pleasure. On this special day, a lot of camgirls choose to be online, to spend some time with their members, with whom they tend to have pretty powerful connections. And for all of those who decide to do so, here are some ideas about how to get ready on camera, and Valentine’s games for adults.


For a good start, I would suggest you start with decorating your room. A couple of heart shaped pillows, some red and pink balloons, some candles, perhaps even rose petals, if you wish to go all in. If you go with the right colors, and the right shapes, no one will be able to doubt your room is a valentine’s day room. You don’t have to do much in order to have a strong effect, a lot of times, less is more.

Next: outfit, makeup and nails. Some of you might want to go with an entire theme for this holiday: pink or red sexy lingerie, hearts on their nails, perhaps a more fantasy-oriented makeup. There are plenty of sexy accessories you can add to your ensemble, such as heart-shaped nipple covers, stockings with patterns, or simply a cute dildo for your shows/private chats.

Looks, however, aren’t everything. Now that you’re done with your room, and yourself, it’s time for some Valentine’s games for adults, to heat up the mood and set the tone for the day.

For starters, get some chocolate syrup and some brushes. Nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than a sweet treat. You can then set a number of actions depending on different sizes of tips/surprises. You’re either going to have to do a dare, strip, or paint a part of your body with chocolate, or whipped cream. If you work on a site that’s based on shows in free chat, this game can go on for however long you want it too, depending on the tips you get. If you work on a site that’s based on private chats, you can set a clear limit, and then the person who tipped the most will be able to take you private, and enjoy the rest of the show with you.

Speaking of dares, remember when i mentioned heart-shaped balloons? Well, before you fill those up with air, write different challenges on slips of paper, and put them inside the balloons. After that, write numbers on the balloons. The numbers represent the amount of of money tips/surprises will have. After you get those tips, with your high-heels, a needle, your boobs, however you like, pop them in as sexy of a manner as possible. And then it’s time to do whatever is written on that slip of paper. Again, depending on the type of site you work on, you will set the limit of what you want and are willing to do.

Another good idea for Valentine’s games for adults is a lot of fun with lipstick. Take some red lipstick, whatever shade of red you wish. Then, take suggestions from your members about patterns you can draw on your body, or words you can write. The suggestions should be accompanied by tips or surprises, in order to better motivate you, and the highest bidders can go for naughtier and more risque areas. This can either get very funny, or very erotic, or both. Either way, you will definitely not be bored, and will have a great mood in your room.

For a way kinkier version of the above pattern game, you could try hot wax. It’s definitely not for everyone, but there are candles specially made for things like this, with a lower melting point. Of course, if you’re fine with normal candles, you can always use heart-shaped ones. Make cute patterns by dripping wax on your skin, depending on the tips or surprises you get for you members.


Since we’re in the kink category (and isn’t this an excellent source of ideas for Valentine’s games for adults), you can try a bit of self bondage. Buy some dark red rope, especially for the occasion, and then make cute patterns with it. It will look incredibly sexy, and I’m sure your members will love it.

For the more romantic at heart, you can arrange a Valentine’s Day romantic meal with your members. Arrange candles, an elegant table, and some sweets and fruit, and let our fans take you out for a romantic couple of hours. You can ask for tips in order to have this meal with less clothes on, or you can arrange a competition, and the highest bidder gets you to himself, for a full meal in private chat. It all depends on you, the members you have, and the relationship with them.

Each camgirl has a different style, and different wishes. According to that, the Valentine’s games for adults can also differ, and you can bring whatever elements you want to make the day the hottest one yet. Make sure ou do whatever you want to do, in order to feel special, and log off with a feeling of deep satisfaction and a job well done.