Many models when they start in this industry experience feelings such as fear, insecurity and shame, but why are women ashamed of our bodies? The answer is simple, and it is because we do not explore our sexuality, and of course it is not only about feeling pleasure, it is about loving and respecting ourselves.
To be able to love our body and enjoy it is necessary to explore, try and enjoy, for this you must start with you, and here we tell you some ways to start this wonderful journey.

¿Cómo dar placer a una mujer?

1. Pleasure and love. The beginning is to have self-love, respect and total knowledge of our body, it is important to know what we like, have confidence in ourselves and love every imperfection of our body.

2. To enjoy your body you have to take care of it and accept that all women are different, learning to love your body will allow you to be a happier, freer and more empowered person, to learn to know your body you must recognize that not all bodies are the same, you must explore yourself and never ever criticize yourself.

3. Your body is an erogenous landscape, get naked and admire your beautiful body, you are the only person who can discover what you like, where you like it and how you like it. Do not be afraid to touch yourself, to discover yourself and to feel pleasure. Now that you feel comfortable with your body, it’s time to feel comfortable with the pleasure it can give you.

La geografía del orgasmo femenino - CULCO BCS

4. Toys: Knowing your body will allow you to empower yourself and in sexual encounters to flow much more without any fear.
Before you start experimenting with toy you have to know your body and reconcile with it, when you have full knowledge sex toys can help you ease the way to reach one or more orgasms, do not be afraid they can be a fun tool to use alone or with your partner.

5. Explore your fantasies: it is not enough to be the owner of your body only, you must be the owner of your pleasure and your desires. Remember that you are the owner of your sexuality, the one who decides what to do and when, with no other limits than the ones you want to set for yourself. Enjoy your body, love yourself a lot.

Finally, we want to remind you that exploring and being a free woman is not wrong, forget the criticism and old-fashioned thoughts.
Female sexuality has been permanently hidden and reproached, and that’s enough: there is nothing wrong on any possible level with you touching yourself, with you trying and enjoying, alone and accompanied, women have every right to be happy, to love and to have full knowledge of ourselves.