Just as your zodiac sign reveals a few details about who you are as a person, so does your birth month.

Each month of the year has a specific set of personality traits unique to those born in that time — including a few traits that make someone fall in love with you in the blink of an eye:

If you were born in January, people are in love with you because you genuinely care about others. This does not just go for friends and family — you can hold a conversation with anyone and everyone because your caring nature knows no limits. You love to laugh and enjoy your life, making people feel attracted to you.

February-born people were blessed with the gift of natural beauty. This is what initially draws people in, however, once they get to know you it is apparent that this beauty runs much deeper. Sometimes, those who don’t know you underestimate you based on your appearance. You always end up proving them wrong though, making you a knockout both on the inside and the outside.

People will fall in love with you based on the fact that you know your stuff better than anyone else. You are stubborn about the things that you believe in, making you attractive. But, the fact that you fight for the things that you hold most dear to you, that’s what makes you lovable.

Your artistic abilities are what draw people to you the most. Not only are you able to create beautiful things with your hands, but your being and soul itself just emanates uniqueness. Everyone is looking for something different, and you are definitely different in the best way possible.
People born in May are all about the details. That being said, people will fall in love with you and your ability to really see them. You know them better than they know themselves and can read their mood through nothing more than a facial expression. People feel safe around you, and it’s hard not to fall in love with someone like that.

Everyone falls in love with you for the way you can work a room. You are the first person everyone wants to say hi to at the party. But so much more than that is your ability to make people feel special about themselves. You are a wonderful friend and motivator and who wouldn’t fall in love with that?

If you were born in July, you better believe people fall in love with you for your sense of humor. You have such confidence in your delivery that always makes everyone crack up. Everyone loves to laugh, so naturally, everyone loves you. Also, you have the ability to pull off jokes that are still funny without being at the expense of another person.

August-born people are most lovable for the way they go out of their way and above and beyond for the people they care about. They do this in every aspect of their lives, due to the constant inner drive to be the best they can be. So, if you are born in August, know that people absolutely love you for the effort you put into your relationships. It might not always be recognized verbally, but it is always felt on a deeper level.
If you were born in September, people love you for your ability to show them another perspective. It’s almost like you are the voice of reason and can highlight the most important truths within another person and within the crazy world, we live in. This is such a rare thing to find, so people will definitely fall in love with you once they see how effortless it is for you to provide.

The October-borns are most lovable for their non-judgmental behavior. People can tell you pretty much anything without fear of you viewing them differently. If you were born in October, people will fall in love with you for being an excellent secret-keeper, and someone that they can confide in during the toughest times.

Being born in November means that everyone will fall in love with the fact that you are mentally incapable of doing anything halfway. You do not see the point in doing something if it isn’t done your way which is always the best way. You have a vibrant personality and vision that gets executed in everything you do. People love you for your resilience and the fact that you are just an admirable person to know.

If you were born in December, people love you for your calming presence but also for your ability to crack a hilarious joke at the right time. You add so much flavor to anyone’s life that you enter, and are extremely unforgettable for that reason. Everyone loves a December-born because they are adaptable to any social situation which will capture your heart much faster than you realize.