“Your account has been disabled for violating the community guidelines. You can make an appeal and we will review it in 24 hours” is the type of message that gives you the same anxiety attack the way “We need to talk” does. This scenario is, oddly, more common than one might think. Almost all social media channels (besides Twitter, which acts like the mum that gives you condoms before you leave for a party) make it pretty much impossible to post, much less exist as a camgirl. Left with few options, many turn to the digital hub known for its open-mindedness and diverse communities, the world of Reddit camming.

Having memes, hobbies and the dark internet bits that you don’t want to see at its core, Reddit prides itself as an inclusive digital platform, where everyone and anyone is welcomed with open arms – camgirls included. While Reddit’s appeal can seem undoubtedly tempting, not knowing much about its algorithms can make the forum-like channel a bland page with way too much text.


At first glance, people would rather think that someday pigs will fly than believe this website can shift to being one of the most dynamic tools for adult content creators. 

What The F is Reddit?

The forum, filled to the brim with an array of subcategories (or subreddits, if you will) where users can post anything relevant to the guidelines imposed by that category and its moderation team. If you type in Google’s search box the word “Reddit camming,” a new world unfolds in front of your gleaming eyes.

The Cam Girl Problems community is just one piece of the puzzle. With almost 30k worth of members, the digital hub seems bombarded on a daily basis with discussion threads, announcements and advice seekers – basically, you can find anything here from OF updates to how to choose your cam outfit based on your moon sign. 

Once you enter the Reddit camming side, you can set your foot in with a sigh of relief – sexual conservatism, taunting mocking and judgement are left are the door. You are, pretty much, free as a bird – to speak, to advice, to seek help. Gives you a feeling of comfort, doesn’t it? But besides giving you a digital home, the platform gives you the opportunity to sell yourself. 

Selling Your Content on Reddit

The beauty of Reddit is that there is practically a subcategory for everything. Foot fetish? There are only a dozen threads focusing on this kink, with foot lovers disclosing their deepest fantasies to sharing Cameron Diaz’s feet pictures. SPH? Pretty sure there is a couple of discussion about it as well. When it comes to sex-related concerns, Reddit acts like a full-on, all-you-can-eat breakfast. 


With that being said, the most common form of advertising yourself is posting your photos and GIFs to a variety of subreddits – remember that 1) you need to mention you are a camgirl and 2) make sure that you are posting them in the relevant threads. Regardless of any subjective views on Reddit camming, it is vital to remember that you are a guest in the community, so you should read the rules before making a post and consequently tailor your posts accordingly.

Indeed, I will preface this by mentioning that if this isn’t obvious by now, 90% of the people scrolling through your posts might have little to no intention of spending a couple of hundreds of dollars for your private shows. But, at the same time, isn’t it the same with every social, third party app? Exactly. Not every person that comments on your Twitter post will actually click the link to your chatroom, and not everyone who pops into your chat will tip. 

Promoting Yourself, Your Chatroom, And Your Content

Now, don’t just jump in with your promo banners flying. Reddit loves a good story, a laugh, or some genuine interaction. Start by engaging with posts, dropping witty comments, or sharing some non-promotional content. This is your backstage work – building rapport, being relatable, and getting that Reddit karma to sparkle.

Got some eye-popping content? Share a sneak peek. Think of it as leaving a breadcrumb trail of glitter leading to your show. But remember, the art of the tease is in not revealing too much. Keep it spicy, keep it sassy, but above all, keep it classy. And hey, Reddit has rules, especially for the NSFW playgrounds. Tag responsibly!