Camming is a beautiful and fruitful job, meeting members from every place on the internet and from every country in the world. You already know what camming is, you already know how this business is done but let me ask you something:
Did you know that you can sell something more than just your content on some streaming platforms? I’m not talking here about services, I’m talking here about something that you maybe didn’t hear about, but something that you can definitely profit from heavily if you know your members and you know all their kinks and wishes. Today we will talk about the beautiful world of selling your used belongings. And yes, there is a big, broad, and beautiful market out there just for this kind of stuff.

Let’s get something clear, not all streaming sites allow this, and you have to be a member of the camgirls community on those platforms in order to be able to sell your things online. The beauty of it is that any member can have access to what you’re selling, so as long as you find the right buyer, you can sell anything (almost) here. Think about it like a Facebook Marketplace, but for your naughty naughty things. There are also websites just for underwear as well, just so you know.

You may ask yourself now: Well, Victoria, what can I really sell here? This is a great question, so here’s the answer to that: You now have the opportunity to make some money by selling the items you no longer use. From lingerie and sex toys to used lipstick or perfume, only the sky is the limit to what you can sell here (not really, but it sounded so good I had to write it down, so some restrictions do apply). You have to be creative with this, trying to find a story for the items that you want to sell, compelling the members into buying an exclusive and one-of-a-kind object that’s just for them.

Some may ask why this is something of interest to members, but if you’re asking this you probably won’t take advantage of this opportunity enough. There are as many fetishes as there are members on camming sites, and there are opportunities to monetize on that even more with this type of service. Other than that, you are helping your members get closer to you, owning something that you had or something that you have personally made for them. This can lead to more revenue inside your camming room as well because the member feels even more attracted to you now that he knows your scent, your body size, or how something that he has already seen on cam looks in reality.

This is a big opportunity you don’t want to miss, and if it works, you can buy another wardrobe with the money from your previous one, and keep on being fresh without spending any money.