How to tell your parents that you are a webcam model?


Are you or do you want to be a webcam model and you don’t know how to tell your family? Don’t worry! Many women are afraid to confront and tell their families about their work. The main reason is the fear of rejection or being judged, so we want to help you through some tips to help you deal with this situation and above all to learn the right way to talk to your family about your work as a model. 

Most parents are usually angry to know that their daughter is working for a cam studio or that she is selling nudes, but this is mainly due to a lack of information and knowledge about the job and the industry. They are afraid of what other people think about their daughters, as well as the great fear of not knowing precisely what their future is and what led them to make the decision to be models.


Tip number 1:

Explain to them what your job is, what the benefits of it are, why you chose it and calmly answer all the questions they have. This will show them that you are confident and know what you are doing, as well as give them a broader view of what it means to be a model and they will be able to break certain stigmas and taboos.


Tip number 2:

Show them that you are a responsible person with big plans for the future, that this is not just a stage but the way to fulfill all your dreams. Parents believe that being a  professional model is not having a real job, therefore they worry about how you are going to live in the future, how your finances are going to be, etc. 

Tip number three:

This tip is related to the previous one and is, show them real figures, show them life examples, successful models, this will give your parents peace of mind. 

Only give them what is necessary. Do not give details of your work that are not necessary, you have to understand that for many parents it is not easy to accept these jobs. Even if they support you and know about your work, it is not good for everyone to know the details. Keep some information for yourself, for example never tell them your nickname, site you’re on etc, you DO NOT want your dad to see you in full action, no matter how much you want to increase your traffic.