To be a webcam model persistence is central. Of course it is a way to make lots of money, but before you start your journey as a model, know that you will have to strive to achieve many hours online to get a jump in earnings. Persistence is continuing to move on with the goal. If your goal is to make lots of money there is no shortcut, persistence is key to be a successful cam model.

This article points out the importance of spending long hours in front of the camera, gathering potential new clients, and keeping around frequent ones. To learn more about the best practices while you are online read: make the best of your time online

When starting

Any platform you are usually promoted, shown in the top charts or featured as a new model. Spend as many hours as possible, taking advantage of this to create your first group of clients. Unfortunately after you have gone through your first month streaming platforms will take into account only your ratings.

To maintain and achieve high levels of exposition on streaming platforms you have to put in long hours in front of the camera, and work on your model profile and attract users on social media. Then turn followers into paying members

Gradually your image and exposure will start improving and more clients will be in your room to give you money and satisfy their desires. Manage to be important for them, get involved in their day to day and be available for them when they go online. 


Persistence is a value, intimately interlinked with ones own personal development and self-improvement. We all have hard days and we often feel how months or years can be endless. Remember that results come over time. Some people say: persistence and will, usually take you further than talent.

The Webcam Industry is no different. Of course there are cases in which a starting model can make around U$D 2.000 – U$D 3.000 a month. But it is certain that when working with persistence 3 to 6 months models earnings are at least U$D 3.000 a month. Good reason to be positive about your expectations on this work, and making the effort to stream a couple more hours every day.