10 Características del Dinero

Focus your show on a single part of your body and increase your income

Being a model is hard work fighting the competition on a daily basis and knowing how you are going to excel in this highly competitive industry. I recommend you focus on one part of your body and learn how to make it your best skill or ability. We usually have a part of our body that is the one that people admire or praise the most, even your tippers tend to admire you too much either for having thick lips, thin legs, big pussy, wavy and silky hair, etc.

Invest in your shows, discover which part of your body you like the most and which you feel most confident about, focus on that part of your body that you know is most attractive to your users and you will obtain different results in your transmissions, thus giving them a different touch from the other rooms.

Then outside of the broadcast you will have to rehearse in front of a mirror the angles, movements and ways of touching the area in the most sexy, provocative and sensual way possible.

Qué es ser modelo WebCam? | Virtual Models Studio

¿Why do it?

We recently saw a camgirl on Stripchat that although she was with erotic pieces, she had more than 200 people connected while she only moved her lips.

Her followers and her tippers were maddened by her, he did nothing but move hers, her lips, touch them with her tongue and hands, while her tokens rained down on him.

We know that to be a webcam model there is no need to undress, but you do have to be provocative, sensual and sexy.

Her first expenses are destined to purchases of clothes and accessories that make her look more beautiful, however, we share with you a list of things you can do as your income increases. But yes, as long as you are committed to your work and to the fans:

  1. lingerie that says a lot about your personal care.
  2. the budget for your agency ready vehicle and zero kilometers.
  3. loans and purchase of real estate.

We are sure that you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of being a webcam model.