As we all know, the life of a model is quite busy and stressful, but despite this fact, we need to be focused when it comes to interacting with members and LiveJasmin has come up with the best solution to this problem – application feature : notes about members.

Why is this feature important?

Notes taking forces you to pay attention and helps you focus on interaction. “The best leaders are note-takers, best askers” – Tom Peters. Let’s see the effects of this option on:

Short term

First, when a model takes notes about a member, such as age: occupation, hobbies, difficult moments, important events, these things help you to be more relaxed when you interact with your member and you don’t have to remember all the aspects related to him.

For example, when he tells you that he has to go on a business trip and is stressed or nervous, the next time he comes in and you have discussions, you can open the topic about the trip by asking how was the trip? Did you manage to overcome the situation? Or a difficult situation in which he tells you that he is upset because he has a health problem, or his pet is sick, or he had a fight with a close person, later you can open a topic about it, asking him how he managed to overcome the difficulty or how he feels, what is his mood, etc.

Secondly, this topic of LiveJasmin helps you not to burden yourself with all the problems of your members, especially if they are loyal and when you chat with him you have all the necessary information to make him think he is important to you and you already know all the details about him without any reminder.

Long term

When you remember all the aspects related to your member’s life, you make him consider himself important to you and at the same he thinks that he’s your only boyfriend. Another essential aspect is the fact that a closeness is created between the two of you, you emphasize connection and emotional interaction.

You make the member understand that you really care about what is happening in his life and automatically make him a big spender, you develop a closer relationship with him when you already know what is happening in his life and you no longer ask questions about what is happening, but how the situations were resolved.

These notes help you develop long-term relationships and make the member loyal. From my point of view, this tool made a model’s job 90% easier.