They say that every type of advertising is good advertising – but nothing beats the ballyhoo that camming platforms’ front page gives you. Whenever you search for something on Google, you won’t go further than the second page of results, no matter how picky you are.

The same behaviour is very much applicable to users’ “pick-a-model” mechanism whenever they land on a camming website. Making it to the front page of camming sites is pretty much like appearing on a magazine’s cover – it takes time, consistency, hard work and making yourself as visible as you can.

Remember the old high school days, when at the end of each year the headmaster was shouting the best students’ names and praising them in front of the whole school? The same goes for whatever platform you are streaming on. In other words, the first page awards the most hard-working models by displaying their chatroom thumbnails on the first page. It’s not the type of thing take happens overnight. So buckle up, get ready for the ride and prepare yourself up with diligence and ambition.


Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. 

Call it both a blessing and a curse, but the arcane algorithm which decides who is going to benefit from the camming platforms’ in-house advertising doesn’t want you to slack off. If you are a rookie and just starting out, examine how different schedules work for you (are you going to work a corporatist schedule or are you going to become a night owl?) and assess which one works best for you, traffic wise. 

When you find the calendar that makes both you and your bank account satisfied, respect it like it is your religion. This is how you are going to build a solid member base. If you are online in the early morning today, but tomorrow you will work a night shift, that is going to throw your fellow user community off the cliff. When you have a camming schedule and consistently show up online, members can count on you and will come back for more. 


Taking Good Care of Everyone 

It is implemented into a cam model’s drive to avoid “wasting time” on freeloaders and users who didn’t create an account yet – most models tend to focus on the big spenders and ignore everybody else. While this type of mindset is accurate to some extent, in order to get showcased on the homepage, you need quantity over quality. That obviously means that you need more viewers, instead of a few big tippers. 

While it might be a tedious and energy-consuming task, it is very much vital to give equal attention to everyone. Shift your chatroom from having a mainstream vibe to creating a digital hub where everyone is welcomed with arms wide open. Some users are with you from your very beginning, some are newer, some created an account to tip you in particular.

You never know from which rabbit hole a big spender is going to pop out. While the lifespan of each user can vary, it is essential to make everyone feel part of the party. 

Make Sure You Stay on Camming Platforms’ First Page

This whole process with deffo take up to a couple of months. As mentioned in the beginning, good and long-lasting things are those that you work for, and consequently, await for the most. But don’t ever think that landing on camming platforms’ front page once is going to make you an omnipresent character until the sun won’t rise no more. You still have to run that extra mile to benefit from this type of advertising – don’t you worry child, you will witness the benefits as fast as one can say “Abracadabra!”.