Few people know that webcam models get financial education from the first week of training. From the first days, models set a goal for which they will save a certain percentage of revenues per month and make their own financial plan.

Set A Goal

Regardless of your field of activity, the most important thing to succeed in saving is to have a concrete and well-established goal. Mentally visualize the object of your desires and think about how it will be like when you will own it. If your goal is to buy a house, think about how many rooms it will have, what decorations you will use, if you want to get a new car, imagine how you will drive on the highway to your next vacation destination.

Set A Percentage of the Earnings You Set Aside Each Month

One of the oldest and most effective methods of saving says – spend what you have after you save. Each month set a fixed percentage of earnings to set aside. This way you always make sure that you are one step closer to achieving your goal.

Make A Financial Plan

If earlier I advised you to set a certain percentage for savings, now I come with an addition – set a percentage for all expenses! A well-established financial plan will help you avoid unnecessary expenses or even plan a portion of your budget for trifles. Your monthly budget should look like this:

  • 20% – savings
  • 25% – rent
  • 25% – expenses related to utilities + car fuel (if you don’t have a car, redirect 10% elsewhere or create another category of expenses)
  • 20% – food
  • 5% – clothes and shoes
  • 5% – unforeseen expenses

Create A Savings Account

Do you know how to deal with the temptation of money? Especially when it comes to money, we are all tempted to spend it, especially on things we don’t necessarily need. To be sure that you will not spend the amount you intend to save, my advice is to put that amount in a savings account. Not only will you not touch that money, but you will also receive a monthly interest.

Get Rid of the Fake Economy

Get rid of the fake economy and buy quality products. It is a proven study that many of us have the impression that we save if we take a cheaper product of poorer quality, but in fact we end up spending double or maybe triple on the same product in a short period of time. When it comes to you, invest in high quality products, you will definitely be much more earned!