Let’s take a look today at a very tempting and very attractive model that has caught our eye in the previous weeks. This is July Paulsen, and her unique charm, her witty attitude, her crazy mind, and dangerous body language will get you hooked the first minute you stumble inside her room.

July is very creative when it comes to her shows. She only needs an idea from you, and after that, she will make it seem like a reality, a reality where only you and she are present, where only your wishes are the rules and orgasms are the currency for every exchange.

The youthful look helps her in a big way, and her energy deeply compliments everything there is to know about her, because when she smiles you feel it deep inside your soul, wanting to see her more after every interaction. She’s a fresh face on Flirt4Free, and she is here to stay because she loves what she does and loves her members, that in return shower her with tokens and waves of compliments all day long.

July is also an artist, and yes, you’ve heard that right. She’s a painter, and her creativity comes from her passion for paintings, colors, art, and finer things in life. When she’s not using her canvas, she uses her body as the field of dreams, making it seem like something out of this world, painting her skin gently with her brush, and making members hard with every stroke of the hand.

The content she creates is something that you’ve never seen, combining her passion for art with her passion for making people cum. It’s an orgasmic experience that you will only have while looking at her content. It’s something that we’ve never seen before and something that we’re sure you will enjoy from start to finish.
July also loves to keep her followers updated in her free time, constantly creating new content for social media, so don’t forget to give her a look after you’re finished reading this article.

We know that she will succeed, as she already established herself as a model who is determined, who knows what she wants, and knows how to do things “her own way”. We are sure you’ll hear more about her, and if you don’t believe us, don’t be shy and drop by her room one day, because she is full of surprises.