With the whole world economy and job market froze since the beginning of the pandemic, many have resorted to working from home or to online jobs. 
As the sum of vices is always constant, even in a pandemic situation, people had to get their fix from somewhere, so no wonder camming became even more popular than ever. 

If you’re on this website you might already have some ideas as to what camming is, but it never hurts to forward this to someone and let this article be their introduction to camming. 

Let’s define camming 

This one is actually quite simple. It mainly boils down to a conversation held over the internet with the use of a web camera and a microphone. The most notable aspects and the thing that differentiates camming from other types of sex work is that it’s live, interactive, relationship-based (keep in mind this one, we’ll come back to it later) and most of all safe. 


What does someone do while camming?


A model (that’s what the performers are called by the way) usually does a variety of things or they can simply do nothing at all. 

Keep in mind that most people who come on camming sites don’t come for the sexy side but more for the company side of it all. What that means is that a model will probably have people hanging out in her room just to either listen to the music, have casual conversations, or a good laugh with the model. Maybe they’re even doing something else while talking to the models but they simply need someone there to not feel alone. 

This is where the relationship-based comes into play. Told you we’d come back. The key aspect of camming is the fact that models entertain relationships with the members (that’s the people coming to see her) be they romantic or otherwise. 


How can you entertain relationships?


Good question. Well, it’s actually quite simple. Models can go on virtual dates with their members, get to know them, their likes and dislikes, spend time with them, and so on. Basically all your normal everyday relationship stuff. Of course all of that from the comfort of the model’s room. 

Now, you may be thinking, but isn’t camming also about stripping naked? It is but it’s about 1-2% of it. And it’s all up to the model when it comes to what he or she will do. Yes, they set their own limits and the members know that. Isn’t that neat?

So you can choose not to do something?


Precisely. This is why camming is changing the face of the sex work industry and why so many people give it a go and decide to stay.

You have full control of what happens in a room. 

Feel offended? You can simply put a stop to a conversation. Insults or rude demands? You can kick out the member. 

This gives models a piece of mind and a sense of security. 

They make the rules and they enforce them. What they say goes! 


What does a cam studio offer?

Cam studios can take camming to a whole other experience. They can offer you professional makeup and professional photoshoots so the content you upload is of a higher quality and they can also teach you tips and tricks of how to better understand members, their needs and how to make more money.


Speaking of money. Is it true you can make a lot of it?


This actually depends on the model. How much time they spend online, how much they invest in them (clothes, personal grooming etc). But yes you can. 

The average model makes about 20$ a minute but this can increase to even more. 

There are real success stories out there of models making a fortune from camming. But it all depends on you. As with any work you have to invest and dedicate yourself to reap the benefits.


So, now that you know all the basics and what camming is really about, are you ready to jump into the trend of 2021 and make yourself some real money?