Isn’t it great when you don’t have to pick? Sweet Betty can be both angel and demon for you and both options can mean tons of fun. It all boils down to creativity and what you guys are willing to do. But that is up to you right? Leave the shyness at the door and go meet Betty, she is waiting for you in her room.

Now, don’t worry it isn’t as hard as it sounds. Betty is a really warm and welcoming woman who knows how to make you feel at home with her. Get to know each other, talk, go on a date, or watch a movie, it’s really your choice. After all, you can do anything online these days. Then after that just share fantasies together and see what you both can turn into reality.

Still, remember that sometimes you may visit Betty and she might be an angel or a demon. If she is an angel disposition she will be gracious, amiable, charming, warm and caring. Sounds perfect after a long hard day right? Yes! But other times she can be wild, passionate, naughty and downright kinky if she’s feeling particulary demonic.

So what will it be?

We’re sure you’ll regret not visiting her room. She will steal your heart for sure. But maybe knowing what she likes and dislikes can help you decide. Betty is a fan of music festivals, shopping, cooking, especially pasta and going to the gym. During summer she likes to go jogging or just for long walks. On her dislikes list are people who can’t take No for an answer, nagging, being rushed into things and rudeness. Betty believes that everyone can get along if they’d just communicate. Which is what you both would be doing all day long. Just the two of you!

Wanna go a step further?

Why not be the first one to find out when Betty’s gonna be online? Or the first to see what she’s up to on her day off. Then follow her on Instagram or Twitter. See great content, chat, and keep up with each other until you’re ready to meet again in her room. It’s more of a personal touch but a welcome one nonetheless. So what do you say?

both angel and demon