By now, we all know what the camming rodeo is about – earning top dollar sums while pushing your vanilla boundaries and making sure everything is right. By right, we don’t necessarily mean styling your hair until the wildest hair is defeated, caking your makeup and scanning your body to ensure your skin is smoothly shaved and moisturized. Physical attractiveness is indeed a key aspect of your daily job, but bear in mind that it is not the only one. Since health is equal to the overall self well-being, it is time for you to receive an upgrade on your intimate care routine and some tips on how to take care of your sexual health as if it was a trinket. 

Just because you are engaging in a virtual sexual activity, it doesn’t mean you should let your lady parts’ health fall to a second place. At the end of the day, your hustle in the camming universe levels up your sex life – you are more confident in bed, ten times more risk-taking while your “me time” gets to know higher (and more exciting) realms. On a personal level, camming is about allowing you to accept your body and to finally witness your strength through sensuality. All of these should make you view your vajayjay as one of the most precious things you embody – so why not take care of it accordingly? 

sexual health

The good, old H2O

This tip hardly qualifies as a piece of groundbreaking information, so take it as a daily reminder to drink up to six glasses of water. While it is not rocket science, most individuals forget that up to 70% of our body is H2O and replace their daily water intake with carbonated soda or coffee. Besides helping you lose weight, reduce cellulite and overall feeling better, it can work wonders for your sexual health as well. 

For one, it can help you avoid being the next target of an ugly urinary tract infection. Water acts as a filtration agent that detoxes your body from any impurity or toxin you might carry. Not to mention that it can make the natural lubrication of your body easier – especially when you are battling with a long cam shift. The cherry on top of this array of advantages is that rum and wine are not necessarily responsible for your sex drive – but the universal, refreshing water (why did nobody mention water as an aphrodisiac in the sex-ed classes?!). 

Cleanse, dry, repeat

Every and any craftsperson takes care of their tools of the trade at the end of their shit – be it paintbrushes or a polishing machine. It is only natural that you do the same with yours. Toys are more than mandatory when it comes to camming, so if a lush or realistic dildo didn’t make its way to your bedroom, something tells us you should place an order in the near future.

 While most people consider them the kiss of death, toys actually represent the total opposite – they allow you to explore anything and everything you are curious about… so make sure you keep them squeaky clean. Wash your toys with neutral PH and lurk warm water at the end of every shift, then let them dry and store them properly. Beware of nicks, tears or indentations that could create a foster house for nasty bacteria – they are usually a sign you should treat yourself to a new toy.

Sexual health

Did anybody say “good lube”? 

If you type “lube” into the Amazon search bar, the marketplace will give you no less than 700 results – which makes it pretty difficult to choose one. Just like shampoos and conditioners, there is no universal size that fits all. Most models find their lube soulmate through trial and error, but there are a few things you should take into consideration before you add an item to the cart. 

Make sure you are reading the ingredient list in order to avoid any substances that should not be used as a lubricant. Most lubes have coconut oil as a core component, and while it is slippery and smells like heaven, it will deffo throw your natural PH balance off a cliff – leaving you defenceless to infections. Sliquid and Juicy Lube are some popular go-to choices. While they might be a little pricey, don’t run away from splurging on a good lube. Spit might be convenient and you can’t beat the price, but it dries up too quickly and transfers any bacteria lingering in your mouth down south, which is a major thanks, but no thanks. 

Wrap your sexual health up 

When you finish your shift, log off the camming platform and log on to some needed aftercare. Hop into a bubbly bath and focus on your intimate areas. No, put that shower head down and start washing away any excess lube that may be clinging onto your lady parts with warm water and intimate soap. Afterwards, you can feel free to use any perfume-free, super hydrating body lotion – or even that coconut oil that you were preparing in advance to use for *cough* something else.