Everyone’s had their bad days on cam (sometimes even weeks, or months), but how do you know when to throw in the towel? When things are not going too well on cam (money-wise), do you try harder or do you choose to give up and start something new? We’re of the opinion that, basically, you have two choices when things are spiralling downwards and you become disheartened, frustrated, and upset. Let’s check them out.

First choice: Change Something!

You can either try to change your approach to camming or try out another cam or subscription site.

The fact is, if you’ve been doing the same thing and it hasn’t been working, it’s unlikely that it will (unless you get lucky, and a high tipper notices you and showers you in tokens). You have to look at what you’ve been doing on cam and see if there are areas that are majorly lacking. A simple fix may be in order, such as updating your equipment, as well as your cam room. If you’ve got all the right tools, but still can’t seem to make money on cam, it might be that the site you’re on is not suited best for your needs. If you’re shy and prefer to be a non-nude cammodel, then a site like Chaturbate might not work for you, because there is an emphasis on pretty sexual private and public shows.

You might benefit from a site like BabesMansion OR a subscription site like LoyalFans, where you’re not required to be overly sexual. In fact, many camgirls have moved to LoyalFans, qrush etc, because of the flexibility these sites offer, and the fact that you don’t need to come up with complicated show ideas and spend hours of your time on cam. It’s worth trying them out if you feel burnt out on cam and are not getting enough interaction from tippers. 

However, if you actually enjoy the live interaction of camming, it might be that you need to look into other cam sites. Try to assess what may be going on with your approach to camming. Maybe you’re not being quite yourself and the viewers are picking up on that, or maybe you need to create a character or persona that you will be on cam, and that is what will make it fun for you. If it seems like you can’t do it, and being on cam is a drag leaving you more and more dissatisfied and frustrated, maybe it’s time to look into your second choice.

Second choice: Give Up Camming

So, you tried your hand at camming and you’ve tried LoyalFans or another similar platform and things also have not gone too well. Ok, maybe you don’t have what it takes to be a camgirl. Just remember that you are not alone. Most camgirls will quit within the first month of camming, and if you’ve stuck it out for more than a month, well, then congrats! You gave it a fair try, and it may be that the adult industry is not for you, and that you prefer to interact person-to-person, or want to use one of your other skills and talents.

There is no shame in quitting, and it’s better to quit than to continue sticking it out and hurting yourself in the process. You might start feeling isolated and depressed and use drugs/alcohol to deal with the painful experiences on cam. Don’t exploit yourself just so you can get some “easy money”, because this money is definitely not easy and can really crush your self-esteem and self-confidence. It’s better to find a lower-paying, but a stable “vanilla” job that you can count on, versus a high risk-high reward one that might never pan out.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re not hurting yourself in the process and that you’re being as true to yourself as possible. Good luck!