Each and every sign has a particular feature, a color which gives every native a power. And we know you are curious about dressing according to your zodiac sign. Inspired by the dominant color of each sign, we present you below a couple of outfit ideas that will show others your inner self

Aries – the sign of bold colors/ Element: Fire

Natives are controlled by Mars, therefore they feel attracted to colors like the flames that flow into intense heat and energy. Red turns on passions and strong emotions. It’s said it is Cupid’s color,the devils, love and seduction. Therefore Aries are not affraid to be stylish and to stand-out in bold pieces like latex and leather.

Taurus – The sign of earth colors/ Element : Earth

Are you a Taurus? Do you feel good when you are surrounded by calm tones of green and brown? That’s because you are ruled by the Earth Element, and these colors remind you of the beauty of nature.

But also, green is the color that we associate with money, prosperity and economic evolution. Natives in this sign are a master of the classics but they also can easily transition to street style cool.

For example, hot laced green lingerie seems to suit Taurus.

Gemini – The sign of serene colors/ Element: Air

For an Air Sing pastel colors are most suitable.Gemini finds balance in tones like blue, turquoise, and baby blue. These colors are bonded with the Sky and Air Element, also can empower communication, social relationships and opening to new horizons and good news.

These colors are lucky charm in hardest days.

Cancer – The sign of light colors/ Element: Water

Cancers are ruled by the Moon.

The light of the Moon changes to white, silver and yellow depending on when we look at it and conditioned by the light it receives from Sun.Cancer is a Water sign, clearly water colors are the ones that gives you more energy, more balance and health protection.

Therefore we suggest a white lingerie body to wear on a spicy night!

Leo – The sign of fiery colors/ Element: Fire

The only sign ruled by Sun from entire zodiac and also a Fire sign, Leos are only attracted by fiery colors and of course, the ones that shine bright. And they love to dress in eye catching outfits.

So all nuances of yellow, gold and red are suitable for these natives and are colors that fill them with energy and positive vibes.

Virgo – The sign of mild colors/ Element: Earth

Virgo is dominated by the Earth Element.Deep black, brown and autumn are the colors that give a Virgo power and they are a lucky charm on the  financial plan and their Career.

Usually a Virgo knows how to work the strongest points like a lady.What do you as a Virgo like to wear to feel sexy?

Libra – The sign of deep colors/ Element: Air

Beautiful Libra is a sign of Air, that always tend to find and rebuild balance of things around her. First of all, everything that surrounds a Libra and gives power is the color blue and all derivates either light or darker blue. Also white, is a dialogue color. Libra takes classics with a side of edge.

Usually Libra girls are into lace and velvet.

Scorpio – The sign of mysterious colors/ Element: Water

Scorpios are rather attracted and influenced by powerful dark colors like purple and red. Black and purple surrounds them in mystery and good mood.They are always careful to dress to impress.

Some accessories next to a nice Black corset would make you turn heads!

Sagittarius – The sign of optimistic colors/ Element: Fire

Orange is the perfect color that maintains high tonus. Sagittarius natives should include in their wardrobe orange clothes and accessories.

Green and gray are colors bonded with good vibe and optimism for Sagittarius.

Capricorn – The sign of warm colors/ Element: Earth

Capricorns are all about that cozy comfort and sand tones are the ones that give you power. For an energy boost they can use slightly red tones. Simply sophisticated.

Capricorns love comfortable pieces with a twist.

Aquarius – The sign of avant-garde colors/ Element: Air

Blue and orange will always be the colors that will help Aquarius express themselves and have self-confidence, even if they are rather a changing type of person.

When it comes to their style, they take a walk on the wild side and experiment with bold prints to show off the intense part of their personality!

Pisces – Sign of dreamy colors/ Element: Water

Delicate tones of pink and purple give Pisces power to day dream and keeps them optimistic in any circumstance. Magenta represents joy of a soul that knows how to live beautiful moments that life offers.

A free spirit at heart, Pisces like adding a whimsical flair to your wardrobe.

So tell us what Sign are you! do you feel that the colors proposed in this article suit you or you like to be a total rebel and mix and match everything?