Let`s talk about our body shape. We all have different shapes and this thing should be normalised. Clothes are meant to fit your body not your body to fit your clothes. Are you looking for the perfect outfit? Search no more, this article will help you chose clothes that fit your body best.

Hourglass Body Shape

Shoulders=hips, marked waist, narrow
If you have the body shape of an hourglass, you may consider yourself to have a competitive advantage. It will be much easier for you to choose your outfits, because you don’t have to work so hard to correct as you have to highlight what already exists.
As stylistic advice, I recommend the following:
– maintain the balance of the shapes. Try not to put too much emphasis on your shoulders or hips, because you will spoil the hourglass image and steal your femininity. When you add volume, you have to do it proportionally.
– highlight the waistline! Whether by the tailoring of your clothes, by the colors you choose, or by the accessories you wear, bring out your narrow waist! It’s the full potential of your femininity!
– keep your distance. It’s a pun that refers to the size of clothes. As much as you can, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. An hourglass is by definition sexy, and if you add clothes with the same style, the message becomes too obvious.

Rectangle body shape

Shoulders= hips, unmarked waist
The shape of the body of the rectangle is also called athletic. It’s not random, because if you own such a body, you’re among the lucky ones who get to a perfectly toned abdomen, with the famous six pack. Thhe androgynous style suits you very well, straight lines, simple and clean. If you want to get close to the hourglass shape, you need to recreate your waistline, using small tricks.

As stylistic advice, I recommend the following:
– accentuate both shoulders and hips. If you increase those areas visually, your waist line will look narrow.
– Use colors and overlays to mark the waist area: uni top, high-waisted skirt, wear cardigans unbuttoned
– befriend with, belts, corsets and any accessories that can mark your waist. Wear them with straight or A-headed dresses that slide past your body, not tight on it. This way, the moment you add the belt, the fabric of the clothes will tighten and the waist will appear!

Pear body shape

Shoulders smaller than hips, slightly marked waist
The woman with the body shape of the pear is perceived by men as the most fertile of all, so you should not be surprised by the admiring glances that come from the opposite sex. If you have such a body shape you need to put an accent on the upper part of your body.

As stylistic advice, I recommend the following:
– wear at the top pieces of clothing with marked shoulders – either by cutting or by various applications: lace, ruffles, targets, wrinkles, thinks, overlays, etc.
– wears light colors and prints at the top and darker, uni colors at the bottom
– use all variants of maxi, massive accessories that you can wear at the neck or at the top of the body: necklaces, beads, scarves, brooches, sals, scarves, etc.

Apple body shape

Shoulders larger than hips, unmarked waist
Women with the apple body shape are the possesors of truly devine long and thin legs. Very rarely have aesthetic problems of the type of cellulite and they have very thin ankles, perfect for heeled shoes. If you have the apple body shape and you want to recreate an hourglass, you have to add volume in the lower part of your body.

As stylistic advice, I recommend the following:
– wear darker colors at the top, and at the bottom light colors, prints
– wear flared pants. Due to the width at the base of the foot, they visually balance the width of the shoulders
– play with textures and layers. Choose thinner materials for the top and wear thicker, overlapping fabrics or fabrics at the bottom