Are you looking for a Better Connection with Your Members? 


Being a model is not easy. Getting more members is not easy. Making them visit you regularly is not easy… if you treat camming as a simple job and you do it just for the money.

Here are some simple steps to create a bond with your members:

  1. Ask questions and take notes – the best way to create a connection is to find things that you have in common and for that, you need to ask questions. From the simple ones like “What’s your favorite color?” to more deep ones like “If you could choose to have a superpower for one day, what would be your choice?”, Try to get to know them. Because you’re a thoughtful person and you want to have long discussions with them, take notes. That will prove to them that you paid attention to their persona and they’ll feel appreciated.
  2. Listen to them and ask for more details – if someone tells you that he is sad, don’t just say “Oh, I’m sorry for you”, but ask him “What happened? I’m a good listener, let’s talk about it”. If you haven’t figured it out until now, it’s time to realize that being a cam model teaches you a lot about psychology. Listen and observe behaviors, learn to predict what’s best to say at the right moment, show them that you understand them and the matter that’s bothering them.

  3. Befriend your members, don’t treat them like you’d be a salesman and they come to your room to buy, but treat them as your friends. As a friend, give them advice. Sometimes people need an opinion from someone who can see things objectively and that person is you! So, listen carefully, ask questions and share your honest opinion about the facts. As I said before – you’re a psychologist, but also a friend. Treat them like your old and close friends, because that’s what they need. Also, you can share some personal concerns about life and the future with them. This would be a win-win situation – you show them how much you trust them (which will make them trust you more) and you might get very useful advice from them. Be genuine and show them your good and your flaws.

  4. Send them positive energy! Be the ray of sunshine when they have a bad day, make them see the light within the dark, show them the good side of bad things (experience, personal growth, learning something new). Make them come to you because you are the one who can make them feel better on a bad day.

  5. Send them personalized content! It doesn’t need to be extra professional, but make it personal. From time to time send a video message, a boomerang with you doing funny faces, send a pic of a dish telling them that it reminds you of one of the conversations you had some time ago, send pics with you while shopping and trying something that you think that he might like. 


By doing all these things, you’ll earn their friendship and they’ll search for your company whenever you’ll be online.

Now go and make some friends!