There are different taboos and stereotypes about being a cam girl. Although it is an adult industry, there are many ways in which you can develop your shows. More than showing yourself naked, being a cam girl requires attitude, and good social skills. This is mainly because you are building relationships and friendships with users that are on platforms to have fun, learn from you and tip you. 

It’s important that when you feel like getting into the industry don’t rush into your body. All women are beautiful, thus you should love and respect your body as it is. In this article I will draw a typical day as a cam girl.


Know that persistence is key to be a successful cam model. As in any other job you need to work to get better. Be punctual, be brave and aim to achieve daily goals. This way your routine will result in high earnings.

First: Motivation

In order to have a good earning day, it is essential that you come with the right attitude. Now with the right mindset, the first thing to do when you arrive is going to the makeup room. Try new looks and freshen up. You are in goddess mode to kill the room.

Second: Start broadcasting

You will probably have a support member to help you log-in and give you some advice on the day to come. As the star in your room, organize your toys and focus on your daily goals. Proceed to welcome every member who enters your room and smile. Start conversations and pay attention to users. Satisfy their needs and wants. You can also read  build better relationships with clients 

Third: Take a break

After being online for several hours, it is very important to have a proper break. Your body can feel exhausted, have in mind you are lacking some hours and would need to recover. Stretch, eat and have lots of water. 


When you are feeling fresh and ready, prepare to go back to your room and repeat from the first step. Give a 100% and shoot to finish your day having a better result than when you were in the first part of your day. Last, go home knowing you deserved every single penny you made.