Imagine this: You’ve been camming for a while now, you have results, your member pool is active and growing. Your income is good and you are happy with what you have accomplished already in this period of time. Nothing seems to go wrong. All of a sudden something changes and your members start to go to other models, you seem bored of doing the same shows, your income is in a downfall and everything starts to seem out of place.

What do you do? Do you give up? Do you try new things?

If this is the scenario that you’re in, or this is something that you’re afraid of and you want to prevent this thing from happening, then you’ve stumbled on the best article you could read right now!

Tip #1 and the most important one: Understand that THIS is something NORMAL.

It happens to the best of us, because things change, people change and you have to acknowledge that over time people will come and go and that is normal. This happens with friends and people in real life too. It’s not the end of the world, you don’t have to panic and say “screw this! This is not for me!”. Because eventually things will get back on track if you stay focused.
You have to realize this in order to stay calm, because if you’re panicking, it can be seen on your face, and really, is there anything sexy about that?

Tip #2 – Use Social Media to keep members posted about what you do!

Another thing to keep in mind is that some members want to feel a connection with you. Some want to know you even outside of the camera and want to keep in touch. And it’s not a bad thing, because this can help you pull them into your room with Instagram and Twitter Stories or posts that announce them when you are #online. And even more, they can help you reach other members. Visibility is one of the reasons Social Media is very important to you, and if it isn’t already, it should!

But be careful, quality matters a lot here. Post things that entice your audience and that attracts them in your room. Because it’s not the number of likes and followers that matter, it’s the number of people that click on the link that goes to your room.

Tip #3 – Be creative in your shows and in privates!

Something that happens to most of us is that we run out of ideas, we get bored or we aren’t as creative with what we do in front of the camera as we used to in the past. This is something that most of us faced at one point or the other, and something that needs to be addressed in order to help YOU have the results you want. Do your research, come up with themes, roleplays and games that involve your members! If you make them curious and involved they WILL come for more.
This is a trial and error game, and if you don’t try new things, you won’t know how to keep your members with you in the long run. There’s no mistakes here, because you learn from everything and grow with every decision you make.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

Tip #4 – Consistency is key in this industry. Set your schedule, announce it and then STICK to it.

What most models don’t realize in the beginning is that consistency is key if you want to make it in the camming business. You can’t (or shouldn’t) go online at different hours everyday, staying up for an hour today and seven hours tomorrow.

It confuses people, and it doesn’t show that you are in here for a long time, this making members choose someone else because when they want you, you’re nowhere to be found.
This tip works well with tip #2, because if you are consistent with your schedule and your posts, people will know when and where to find you.

Tip #5 – If you feel good, you look good. And if you look good, you’re making money.

This is something that’s for everyone rather than the people that are unmotivated. You need to feel good when you are in front of the camera. People see through the mask that you put on when you don’t feel that good, so it’s really important to actually feel good before you start to interact with your members. You can do that by doing activities you love in your free time. Listen to a playlist that make your heart bounce with happiness or talk with someone that makes you feel good. Anything that can lift up your mood is welcomed here, so, do what makes you happy and thing will come your way.

In the end, camming is a industry in which you have to adapt, you have to change over time and evolve. Because new models come everyday, and if you want to stand out from the crowd you have to make things different than everyone else.
Do it your way, and you will be just fine.