20 tips not to get Friendzoned by the woman you like

Remember the moment when you told a girl that you want to be more than friends and her response was “I love you, but like a brother.” Remember the time when you wanted to ask her out and she said “I have plans with that amazing guy I was telling you about”. Or the time she finally agrees to go out on that date, only to find out moments later that it’s a group outing with all of your friends. Well we’ve all been there and it’s not at all easy to get out of the infamous “FriendZone”.

Our very own #GirlsFromStudio20 are here now to tell you a few tips not to get there.


Most women are jealous, that’s how they’re build, even if they think of you as just a friend, they still need that back-up plan. So, don’t become the back-up plan. Make them believe you have plenty to choose from, even if you don’t. Tell them about a girl you’re seeing, tell them you’re going out with someone. Women are more attracted towards men who have a lot of ladies around them. Make them believe they have a chance of losing you, rather than the other way around.”

Keep her waiting for more. I hate a guy that is too straight with his feelings and shares too much. Don’t be that guy that offers his feelings on a silver platter. Women love to be chased and love to chase back. If a woman knows you’re into her, she won’t be that attracted to you anymore, it’s not a challenge. “

Don’t be available all the time. Try not to be there for her every single night she doesn’t have anyone to go out with. Don’t be her knight in shining armor just yet. Make her miss you sometimes, make her realize that she needs to value you more and know how important you are. And learn to say ‘no’ to her.”

Be unpredictable. Don’t show your feelings all at once, be that guy that today cares about her and tomorrow doesn’t answer the phone. You’ll be friendzoned the moment she realizes you care too much and she will take you for granted. Even if you want to be with her all the time, let her chase you for a change.”

Don’t wait too much to ask her on a date. Even if you’re tough and you don’t want to show her how you feel about her, waiting too much will send you in the friend zone. Choose your timing right, be strong and confident and ask her out, without revealing too much of your feelings about her. You can say something like: ‘Well we’ve known each other for quite some time, how about we go out on a date and see where things will get us’. “


20 tips not to get friendzoned5

20 tips not to get friendzoned5

Don’t be her BFF. Don’t talk to her about her personal life. Don’t let it get there, try to change the subject. Don’t talk about the guy that she’s interested in right now, don’t give her advice on how to get to know him, try to be cool and show her you’re not interested in listening to her drama. That will make her realize you’re not her best friend.”

Don’t be submissive. No woman will think of you as more than a friend when you don’t have your own opinions. No woman will want to date a guy that does everything she asks him to do or that guy that asks permission to do something he wants. NO! You must show her you’re a real man. Women love to be dominated, or at least I do, and when I come across a guy that’s more a baby, I’m not attracted at all.”

Don’t forget who you are. Be yourself, have your own opinions. Stop trying to please her all the time. Go out with her some place you like, rather than going everywhere she wants. Be brave, flirt with her, make her understand you don’t want to be just her friend, you want more. Don’t follow her around like a puppy and do whatever she wants and stand your ground when she doesn’t agree to a movie or a place to eat.

Learn to stay away. If she’s the type of girl that calls you just when she feels alone. If she comes to you for comfort after a fight with her boyfriend and when they get back together, she never calls, you have to let her go. She is clearly selfish and takes you for granted. I know it’s hard, but there are lots of women out there who would love to have someone like you and treat you the way you deserve.”

Sexual tension. For her to see you more than a friend, you have to ignite that spark. Show her you’re confident, grab her by the waist, play with her hair, look into her eyes, wear some nice perfume and make her attracted to you. Take her dancing and pull her close to your body, but be careful where you put that hand, you might get slapped haha.”


Define your relationship. If you see that she is taking you to the friend zone, talk with her honestly. Tell her that you see where she’s heading and you don’t agree. See exactly what she wants and if it’s not you, then just let her go. No man should stay with a girl that’s selfish.”

Don’t overdo it with compliments. Yes, it’s true a woman appreciates compliments and loves to hear you say she’s amazing. But don’t overdo it. Compliment her when she really deserves it and try to make it naughty, not just a simple “you look beautiful”. Step out of your comfort zone and try something like: ‘hey, nice ass you got there haha’. “

Don’t be needy. Whatever you do, don’t let her figure out that you actually need her, need to be in her presence all the time. Give yourselves some space, don’t say you want to see her every day, she will get bored of you pretty quickly.”

Stop texting too much. Nothing drives me crazy more than seeing my phone blown up with texts from a man. Don’t seem that desperate. Don’t send her 100 texts per day and try not to be the first one to text in the morning. Make her miss you a bit, make her want to talk with you, tell her you’re a bit busy and you’ll talk later.”

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Complaining too much and throwing yourself a pity party will make a woman cringe. She will not go out with someone that has a “poor me” attitude or because she feels sorry for you. Be confident, don’t show weakness, be a MAN”


20 Tips not to get friendzoned2

20 Tips not to get friendzoned2

Stop obsessing over her. We’re not in high school anymore to have that cute little notebook with her name written on every page. Don’t get obsessed with her, don’t let her become the first thing you think about when you wake up or go to bed. Try to keep your distance, do something interesting with your life, stop stalking her on Facebook haha. Do your own thing and she will come to you when she realizes she’s not the most important thing in your life.”

Don’t be a mamma’s boy. Even if you have an amazing relationship with your mother, and don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing, don’t show her right away that you’re that guy that everything he does, he tells his mother. That’s not attractive and real women won’t go out with someone like that. I, for example, wouldn’t want to meet my future mother in law too soon haha”

Be mysterious. Women love a bit of mystery when it comes to getting to know a man. Don’t tell your life story from the beginning, make her work for it, make her want to know you more and give her the chance to see you again. If you tell her everything about yourself, she will get bored pretty quickly, the excitement will get lost.”

Let her solve her own problems. Don’t be that guy who makes it all better, don’t be the hero. Her problems are hew own, you can just give her some advice and stay out of it. Otherwise you will become her shrink and not her boyfriend.”

Raise your standards! Being a man that has high standards on what he likes, what he wants, knows how to conduct himself and doesn’t settle for anything else is everything a woman wants. She sees him powerful, confident and that’s really attractive.”

Whenever you feel like you’re about to get Friendzoned, take these tips and change the way you think, the way you act, don’t make the same mistakes other men have made and good luck. And always remember, if you do get in the friend zone, the most important tip is to learn to let go.