With the emergence of technology, this relationship has definitely evolved and some of us don’t know the difference anymore between intimicy and privacy. While people can still choose to be intimate or private on a human level, there is constantly a threat of exposure through the technological medium, especially in this field.

Individual freedom is an integral part of everyone’s private life.
Some would put themselves out there willingly, while others resist this sort of personal networking in favor of greater privacy. There should absolutely be limits to the exposure of privacy, yet the technology present in the novel does have potential to be beneficial. It’s important that a balance is always maintained between these two powerful entities. Technology should be used to improve society, yet it should not hurt mankind in the process. Security is there to protect each other and ensure that everyone’s privacy is respected, for example, we lock our front door to be safe.
Just as humans need social interaction to stay happy and healthy, we also need a certain degree of privacy to function well in society. Whereas privacy feels like a choice, people who have secrets often feel compelled by fear or shame to keep them hidden.Intimacy could be defined as an exclusionary relationship, a prohibited space in which only the person or persons with whom we share our intimacy can access. Therefore, intimacy with a person makes us give up our privacy — this space where we find ourselves with ourselves and not under the gaze of the other. We can consider intimacy as this secret garden that we all possess and defines our private space, an undeniably mysterious space for others.

More specifically, privacy prevents intrusion with our family, friends, health, work, political ideas. Everything that surrounds our existence is a matter of privacy. In the private sphere, we also find what is called intimacy. Intimacy alone represents an undeniable paradox. It refers both to a great openness to the other (being intimate with someone) but also to the greatest closure to the rest of the world. Sex and romance may come to mind first, but intimacy plays a role in other types of relationships too! For example, if you describe a party with friends as an “intimate gathering,” what are you trying to convey? You’re probably saying the party was a small group of close friends as opposed to a huge crowd with many strangers.

Modernity has established a strong focus on individual making intimacy a central dimension of privacy. Intimacy was the place where an inner-self was formed and where singularity was obtained apart from the public and from society. Interior meant an inward and isolated space of self-definition and personality development.
We we’ll end with the fact that privacy is one of the biggest problems in this new electronic age. At the heart of the Internet culture is a force that wants to find out everything about you. And once it has found out everything about you and two hundred million others, that’s a very valuable asset, and people will be tempted to trade and do commerce with that asset. This wasn’t the information that people were thinking of when they called this the information age.