“Hello gents, this week my vagina is the Red Riding Hood and it is going to bleed for a couple of days. Wanna cuddle instead?” said no cam girl ever. Since we have been dealing with “shark week” since puberty, we all know the cure-all – your favourite icecream flavour, a Netflix show that guarantees a good laugh and a ton of painkillers. Yet, the real question is how you deal with your period as a cam girl. Luckily, sex isnt all about your lady part, and camming isn’t all about sex. Camming while on period might spoil your steamy dildo shows, but there are tons of ways to entertain your audience without taking your panties off. 

What might be less obvious – particularly for an industry that mostly has female bodies at its core – is that menstruation is banned. Although menstruation fetish is a thing, displaying or referencing blood is largely forbidden on most live streaming websites. But that’s not the end of the world. Ditch your grandma panties, shove a tampon up your vajayjay, put your silky string on and get ready to use alternative shows to your benefit. 

camming while on period

Switch up your show type

Camming during your period is some type of avangardist art – and by that I mean that you need some guts and a pint of chocolate ice cream before going online. And since variety is the spice of a life, the users would really get hyped up about hosting an alternative show. This is your chance to use your imagination and polish some skills that you weren’t aware of. If this is a period week for you, make it a blowjob week for your members. Or fetish week. 

Some live streaming websites offer tip menu presets. Best thing about it? You are always in charge of choosing the appetiser, main course and dessert. So if you don’t want pussy play as part of the daily menu, you can opt for oil show or boobies play. There are hundreds of alternatives if you do your market research and add a pinch of creativity to it. 

Did anyone say “tampons”?

It is what it is. Your favourite orifice is out of commission for a couple of days. Your pussy is on a well-deserved holiday. But you still want to flaunt your body in front of your viewers. Let a tampon or sponge do their magic. Abracadabra! No more blood leakings. While you might not be able to use deep penetration as an integral part of your shows, you can but you can be spread-eagled as if you aren’t menstruating at all. While tampons might give you a dose of discomfort, the sponge might make you forget that you have it up there. 

camming while on period

Use mobile streaming to your benefit

Thank God for the benefit of mobile streaming. What better way to forget about the period pain than strolling in the park on a sunny day or going on a shopping spree? Bring your mobile too. Surprise your members with a whole different background and experience. Who doesn’t love switching from fingering in the same bedroom to “I shoved my hand in my denim jeans while browsing clothing items at Zara”? Everybody does. So display that and see the tips flowing constantly in your chatroom.

Camming while on period is not as bad as it seems

Yes, there are going to be cramps. And yes, there are going to be multiple moments in which the thought that you can’t do it are going to bombard your thoughts. Breathe in, breathe out and let it flow (literally). If you need to take a day off, there is nothing wrong with that. As females, we all go go through this ravaging period every month and there is nothing shameful about it. Yet, there’s no need to despair, as there are various things you can do when you’re surfing the crimson tide. Get your creative juices flowing by thinking of new show ideas, or opt for one of many period tools ladies rely on when they want to control their flow.