Vaginal infection or bacterial vaginosis occurs when microorganisms (bacteria, fungi or parasites) that are not a normal part of the vaginal flora enter, causing an imbalance between “good” and “harmful” bacteria.

Vaginal infections include:
Vaginal candidiasis: yeast or fungus that forms in the rectum. Symptoms include discharge, itching and vaginal rash.
Bacterial vaginitis: An imbalance in the bacterial flora that inhabits the vagina. Symptoms of this condition include burning, itching, inflammation, pain, abundant discharge or bad odor.

Infecciones vaginales

1. Trichomoniasis: It is caused by a parasite and is sexually transmitted. Its symptoms are excessive yellow discharge, fishy odor, itching, discomfort when urinating and pain when having sex or inserting a toy.

2. Chlamydia: Produced by a bacterium and is also sexually transmitted. Its symptoms are cervical lesions, sterility, pain and vaginal bleeding.
There are some factors that can intervene in the presence of vaginal infections such as the use of very tight clothing, heat, constant humidity, use of douches, use of antibiotics, pregnancy and/or diabetes, use of sex toys as is the case of webcam modeling and will be referred to in this article.

Webcam models should keep in mind the following indications to avoid vaginal infection
Genital cleansing: According to gynecologists, cleansing is done from front to back. This prevents the vagina from being contaminated with bacteria from feces. Anal and vaginal sex toys should also be cleaned, removing all stool residues before inserting them into the vagina.

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1. Drink plenty of water: This is the best method to clean the urinary system. Avoid holding the urge to urinate and empty the bladder completely.

2. Urinating after masturbation: Urine helps to expel residues of lubricants and germs acquired from exposing the vulva.

3. Do not be obsessive with intimate hygiene: Excessive grooming causes you to remove the natural protection created by the vagina against germs and external bacteria.In addition, the pH may be altered. Therefore, if you must wash more than once a day your intimate area, do it with only water and finally dry this area very well.

4. Eat red fruits: They help to increase your defenses.
Personalize your work items: Your toys are exclusively yours, therefore only you should clean them. They should be washed with neutral soaps and let them dry very well before using them again.

5. Visit the gynecologist: In case of injury, itching, burning or pain, do not self-medicate, consult your gynecologist. During your appointment, suspend your work because you could aggravate the situation…