Most probably you know the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” – well, the same applies for the internet. Once you show your genital areas online, you can bet that at one point they are going to appear on other websites which is 1) going to fill you with a feeling of “My recorded shows are online – what am I supposed to do now?” 2) going to probably affect your earnings. Would you pay for a private show with an online model if you are two clicks away from it (for free too)? Well, your potential members wouldn’t either. 

Just like anything in this world, camming tippers and regulars have their ups and downs. There are the nice ones, who give you that sweet talk accompanied by some serious tips, and the not-so-nice ones, who took a private with you, recorded your show and posted it online. Fortunately, or unfortunately, you are not the first to pull this off.

But you can’t stop the nightmare mode from getting to you – you have some solid reasons to strongly dislike this situation. The video is up and there to watch for the whole public. But do not let the hell chains break loose yet – you might find salvation. 

My recorded shows are online

My camming shows are on porn sites

Know your legal rights

Most of the porn websites out there have a report section – yes, that little button with an exclamation sign that nobody ever uses. The report function can act like a superhero when the subject of the video is you. Legally speaking, whoever put that video on the internet was not allowed to do so, since you didn’t give them permission to make it public. 

In other words, that video is copyright-protected, and you, who can be considered the owner of the video, can get it taken down if you inform them about the rights you have over it. Although it doesn’t happen very often, after a report of this sort, porn websites can ask for copyright proof. So keep an eye on the email for future updates – each site has its way of asking for proof, so the type of documentation they require might vary.

Obviously, you will not only report the video by saying “My camming shows are on porn sites!”, but tell them your model name and that the video is copyright-protected, since you did not give permission for it to be public. 

My recorded shows are online

My camming shows are on porn sites

Cam model protection is a thing my recorded shows are online

Just like the victims of sexual abuse and minorities, cam models can also benefit from services which are meant to protect their integrity in the industry. Platforms like exist in order to make your online model career as pleasant as it can get. Acting like an antivirus for data protection, those kinds of services protect your content in any form from A to Z. 

Fraudulent downloads will be sepia history and you will get privacy protection 24/7 – should we add the fact that any illegal copy of your shows and videos will be automatically deleted? Indeed, they are not free of charge, but for a small amount of your earnings, you know that you have a guardian angel that is always there to erase copies of your content. 

Whatever you do, please don’t be naive and fuel yourself with the thought that it is not going to happen to you – because it might, so it’s best if you are well-prepared before shit goes down. Of course, those options are not a cure-all for any copyright protection case you might go through. But it’s a start – and it’s better than nothing. Remember that being a cam girl should be an unforgettable experience (in a good way), not the type of job you are dreading to go to.