Ever wondered what is the meaning of the Fan Club feature on your Camgirl profile? We all know how important it is to have a killer profile on cam sites. Well, hands-down the best way for any cam model to make sure they have people to support their shows is to host a fan club. It might sound like something that only happens in the “mainstream” world, but there are fan clubs for plenty of adult models out there. Trust me, these fans are loyal AF and they will spend money – guaranteed!

Running your own fan club can be very profitable. the best thing about running your very own adult fan club is that it builds a residual income. That is because, in order to keep accessing the content, customers have to keep paying the monthly subscription rates. There are platforms that specialize in running fan clubs, several paysite building platforms for models, and camming and clip sites that have a fan club functionality.

The best thing about running your own fan club is that you get to choose what gets shared and what doesn’t. You’re the one deciding what material gets saved behind a paywall and what gets posted for free. It’s always up to you and you get to invite your fan base to be a part of any new endeavor.

There are certain benefits you get as a camgirl when you’re running a fan club:
– It allows you to create a better relationship with your fans.
– You are in control of the content you share with your fans and when.
– Promote your live shows and keep members informed when you’re online.
– Set your own rates for your fan club subscriptions (price per month or desired period).

While you can earn good money through live and private shows, creating and running a successful fan club is a great way of boosting your monthly income. Get yours set up without delay! Until next time.