It’s January already, and the New Year has begun in full force. With it, the famous traditionof the New Year’s Resolutions should have already started. Camgirls, of course, are no exception to this, and I’m sure you all had plenty of plans and lists, that you might or might not be respecting right now. Chances are, you’ve already abandoned that list, or planning to, and the next year will be identical. 

Why does this usually happen? Well, in most cases, New Year’s Resolutions can actually be quite boring. The trick here is to use a bit of creativity, to spice things up a little. Don’t think of routine things, think, perhaps, of things you’d enjoy doing, things that will challenge you, things that will help you grow as a person, and, of course, as a model. Imaginative New Year’s Resolutions are an excellent way to stay motivated, and, even though the time to make that list has technically passed, it’s never too late to start. Below, you have a couple of examples.

  • Disconnect for a while. As camgirls, you are constantly connected to the online world. Streaming sites, social media accounts, messaging services, they are a permanent part of your lives. There is no doubt that, in time, this can become very draining for you, and that is definitely an undesired effect. Therefore, why don’t you make it a new year’s resolution to disconnect from everything for one hour? In other words, turn off your phone. I know, it can be quite difficult to do such a thing, especially if you’re very used to constantly being on your phone, but I can assure you, it will be incredibly relaxing. The only way not to become exhausted by anything is to make sure you have a proper amount of rest, and social media and connections are no different. Enjoy a good book, take a hot bath, walk around the city for a bit. Let it go, for a while, and you will return to the online world ready to tackle any challenges it has to offer.

  • Eliminate any toxic people from your lives. We all have this issue, of toxic, draining people,m who are bad for us for various reasons. And yet, many of us find it difficult to give them up, perhaps because of havit, perhaps because of lingering feelings, or guilt. Being a camgirl is a very social-oriented job. As such, you will interact with a lot of people while working, and that can certainly get taxing at points. Naturally, not all of them will be nice to you. Therefore, there is no need to also have to put up with unpleasant persons in your personal lives. It will only drain you, make you lose time and energy, and will affect how you act online. Cutting bad people out of your life shouldn’t make you feel guilty. Self care is a vital part of a healthy, peaceful mindset.

  • Learn to set healthy boundaries. Obviously, this is excellent advice for anyone, not just for camgirls. However, when it comes to this industry, it can be doubly difficult to respect it. What is the line between being open to member’s requests, listening to their side, reaching a compromise, and refusing something, knowing that there is no way you could do it, and that it will make you feel highly uncomfortable? It’s certainly not easy to find that line, but, if you out in the work, it will be worth it. My idea would be to make a list: hard limits and soft limits, For the soft limits, think about what circumstances would allow them. What kind of compromise are you willing to reach? For the hard limits, think about what you could offer in exchange. How to politely refuse in such a way that the member won’t immediately leave. Of course, you can’t please everyone, nor should you try to. Some will leave, and the important thing is not to tolerate rudeness, and to make sure you are comfortable.

  • Work towards not feeling ashamed. In terms of imaginative new year’s resolutions, this might perhaps seem vague. However, it is something that will definitely help you in the long run, both personally, and professionally, at least in this industry. In most cases, women are conditioned to feel shame about their sexual desires. It’s how society is built, and it is very difficult to abandon this mindset. This means that, generally, women won’t be as eager to explore their sexualities, will be reluctant to share their needs, and will be afraid of what others might think of them. Truth be told, working in the camming industry can be a very good step towards giving up on shame, but there is also some work to be done in that regard. Rest assured that you will find people with matching wants, no matter what sort of desires you have, even the more unusual ones. You won’t be judged, and the online medium is as good of a place as any to explore anything you want. Doing this will naturally be beneficial to your personal life as well. You will feel more relaxed, and more confident.

  • Invest in things that give you pleasure. Before you say anything, I’m not inviting you to spend all your money on the latest fad. However, treating yourselves is something you should definitely consider from time to time. Buy that amazing lingerie set. Invest in an excellent sex toy that you know will make your private time (and, why not, your online time) an absolute blast. Save up and go on that vacation you’ve always wanted. Excesses are not recommended, but that can go both ways. We all go through hard periods, financially speaking, and it’s always good to have savings, but, when possible, definitely indulge yourself a bit.

These, I believe, are imaginative New Year’s Resolutions that anyone could have. As camgirls, you have the advantage of being able to use them in unique ways, that will help you both in your private lives, and in your careers. Camming has the advantage of blending the personal with the professional, and so anything that you do for yourself will also reflect online, and the other way around.