We are human, and basically no matter how hard we try to hide, the first impression is the one that separates the people we want or don’t want to talk to. It is not something hypocritical, it is not a lie, it is pure truth and there is nothing wrong with that. Normally, the interior matters, but that’s another discussion. What is the connection? The pictures you have are your business card, your first interaction with the members, the reason why they want to click. The pictures must always represent you, but always make sure they are of the best quality so that you have the expected success. Here are some hints:

You know new is always better. Fresh is also better. When it comes to your pictures, they are the first thing a member sees. Even if they are posted on social media, even if they are your representative pictures on the site, they have a major impact. Try to constantly have new pictures, in representative poses for what you really do. Be creative, create your own style, make sure your image is the way you want it. Here are some good tips for better photo shootings.

Decor, ambience, music

Always try to choose new locations, interesting locations that are suitable for your outfits. It is important to feel good in that location and to like it. The environment must be right.
It is very important to have a photographer to get along with, to understand how he wants to pose. To know how to explain and be patient with you. The better you feel in the environment you create, the better you will be and the more natural you will pose. Music can help you a lot. Try to make a playlist for the photo shoot. Do you pose in lingerie? Try some music to get you in that state.

Outfits – as diverse as possible

In terms of how you are on camera, diversity – that’s the point. From one photoshoot to another photoshoot try to experience as many things as possible. Always bring something new. Try to mould yourself in as many areas as possible.
Make sure you always have impeccable outfits. Try linens both from one piece and from several pieces, stockings, high heels, leather.

Your outfits should be in tune with your room. The shades between your outfit and the medium must match.
Makeup is also important. First, you need to find make-up that will make you stand out, match your outfit and your environment.

Leave a business card that will make you forget. Take advantage of your strengths and give your best to give a first impression that leaves scars.