Friendly or bitchy?

What brings you the best income?

Firstly the picture that emerges when I read friendly or bitchy is that like most of the people are polite in public but privately they are losing their politeness and get rid of all their boundaries, they like to explore their bitchy nature and get rid of all societies standards. In this world, the best way to be is a mixture of both.


As the first question is “who?” the first answer will be everyone. Everyone can be friendly but not anyone can be bitchy. Be confident, be yourself, be you!

What turns them on?

You! You don’t even know what you like till you try it. Just think about the girl next door that has kinky fantasies. She might be friendly in society, going to the Sunday church, but she might be a mistress or really into BDSM once she gets in her bedroom. Isn’t that exciting? Dirty talk and telling what you like and want can turn everyone on.

When is the right time to be bitchy? and when to show love?

You decide! Playing with one’s mind can be so satisfying. People enjoy your bitchy side as well as your friendly one. Of course when is the right time for which of them. Just be careful not to be friend-zoned,  here are some tips about that

Be you!

Where should you be friendly or where should you be bitchy?

In your room or society! People that are visiting your room can easily be aware of what you like or what you are trying to sell. A regular room with romantic decor can be suitable for both your friendly and your bitchy side, but a more dark one can easily give the impression that you are only bitchy – maybe a mistress or a dominatrix. So be aware of that when choosing your room. Considering that you can say whatever you like and think society might judge you as bitchy. Speak your mind and defend your nature, people are judgemental no matter what.


Why not? Everything is welcome when it brings you money. Am I right? Don’t forget that you are the master of your life. Just imagine that you can be you and make money with that. 

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