Like with any other job, you want to strive to be better. That’s a fact, right? Well, aside from listening to the trainers and the support team a model needs to also help herself a little bit. Just so she can stay on the path to success. So, we decided to show you 5 self-help books that can help you be a better model.

1.Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb

Gottileb, a psychotherapist herself, doesn’t spoon-feed you a solution to your problems, but rather she gives you the tools to recognize it yourself and taking steps to solve it while also getting to know yourself better. It’s a book about understanding your problems and where they come from. Because you also have to go to the root of it all.

2.The Second Mountain by David Brooks 

This is one heck of a book and it’s worth a read if you’re struggling with where you are in life and as a camming model that can certainly happen. It shows you that life changes and that sometimes you can find yourself in a phase that is “a shift toward asking what life is demanding of you, rather than what you can get out of it.”

3.In Search of Silence by Poorna Bell 

Sometimes we need that fresh perspective, no matter where we are in life and no matter what we do. With that in mind, this might be the perfect book for that. The author said it is partly about the power of travel to bring you back to yourself and to let you see your life in a radically different way. The book came to life after Bell lost her husband to suicide and her subsequent decision to travel to locations that were meaningful for them together.

five self-help books
learning how to discipline yourself is key to being a succesfull model
4. This Life by Martin Hagglund 

At first you may be intimidated by the size of this book but it is really readable. This Life tells us that we should learn to appreciate the shortness of life and scarcity of time. Hagglund wants to make his readers thinks about how they are using their precious time and how that makes them feel in the long run. Worth a read.

5.  The power of self-discipline by Brian Tracy

There is no denying that being a cam model is not easy and that it requires a great deal of self-discipline to make it big in the industry and keep yourself afloat. So, if you need some guidance on that and don’t know where to start then this book might just be it. Learn how to achieve your goals and how to motivate yourself in a way that really connects with you.

There are many more self-help books out there but this is just a small selection to get you started and give you a taste of what’s it like. The rest is up to you.